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Betting on a Browns-Chiefs game costs $ 10,000 for BetMGM

ATLANTIC CA CITY AK, NEW (AP) – Talk about a fool.

In January, a typo on the Cleveland Browns-Kansas City Chefs bet resulted in a $ 10,500 unexpected eagle-eyed player.

The bug was discovered last week by the New Jersey Gaming Application Division, which fined BetMGM.com $ 500 for failing to display odds properly in the betting market.

It included the January 17 game, in particular the so-called offer or “player base” bet on the results of a game between two quarter-backs, Cleveland Baker Mayfield and Kansas City Patrick Mahomes.

At such bets, gamblers earn whether a particular player or group of players exceeds or falls short of a certain statistical standard.

State documents revealed that BetMGM intended to offer bets on whether Mayfield և Mahomes would each play 300 or more yards per game.

However, due to an error in the manual when posting the bet, “3” came out, և bets were allowed to bet on whether the two backers would pass “00” yards or more during the game.

If any player made just one pass with just one pass, the bet would be a winner. Pair took 459 passing yards together.

Five BetMGM customers backed off, as did four at Borgata Online, before the odds adjusted. Borgata is owned by MGM Resorts International.

According to state documents, MGM reported the error to the Compulsory Enforcement Division of the Games and received permission to cancel the bets on the grounds of improper calculation of the odds.

The state responded that bets could not be revoked only after an investigation. The same day, the company decided to drop the bets and pay them off. BetMGM confirmed on Thursday that it had paid the bets.

Ironically, one of the main temptations of BetMGM is a relentless bet for new customers that is so easily designed to win that it is almost given. A natural incentive would be to pay back $ 100 on a $ 1 bet if the customer-selected team plays to earn one point.

It was not the first time that a technical error led to an unexpected payout for sharp-eyed bets.

In September 2018, when legalized sports betting was in its infancy in New Jersey, FanDuel agreed to pay the Newark man $ 82,000 for a ticket he had with highly inflated odds due to a technical malfunction. At the right prices, the bet was to pay $ 18. Several other people who made the same bet during a computer malfunction that lasted only 18 seconds were also paid.

FanDuel initially tried to cancel the bets, but then changed its course and agreed to pay them, according to government documents.

Last August, New Jersey regulators ordered FanDuel to honor 11 football bets based on wrong betting lines.

Most sports books have a policy that states that they are not obligated to pay for obviously wrong betting offers, known in business as tangible mistakes or “touches”. But there is nothing stopping companies from choosing to bet voluntarily.


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