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Benefactors are calling for more grants to help Asian Americans

Nearly 500 charitable leaders, mostly from foundations, signed a letter on Friday urging donors to increase their support for non-profit organizations that benefit the Asian people and to work hard against anti-Asian racism in the fight for racial justice.

“To make progress, we will redouble the support of multinational coalitions in the fight against systemic racism, to ensure that our own country accepts us for who we are, and not as an outsider forever,” the letter said.

The letter was circulated by philanthropic Asian Americans / Pacific Islands, who also published a study describing the lack of charitable support from Asian American communities. The letter’s study follows a year-long increase in violence against Asian Americans, with eight people killed in Atlanta this month, including six Asian women.

The group released the letter on the eve of the #StopAction Hate Action ման Healing Day – a virtual protest against anti-Asian violence: discrimination.

Using data from Candid tracking funding, the study found that nonprofits serving Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiians grew modestly from $ 143 million in 2009 to $ 174 million. In 2018, even if the overall base has more than doubled. In 2018, the share of the fund grants to these groups is 20 cents for every $ 100.

“The letter is not just about getting a ‘bigger piece of the pie,'” said Patricia Eng, an Asian American / Pacific Islander in a humanitarian crisis. Foundations should promote the inclusion of Asian American groups in multinational coalitions, increase their visibility, free of negative stereotypes, in the American consciousness.

“What we have learned over the past year, particularly about the epidemic hatred that has so easily arisen against Asian Americans, is that we cannot have a complete racial justice strategy without involving Asian Americans,” he said. : “It was absent for a long time.”

“Asian Americans have suffered both from their ‘invisibility’ of ignoring challenges and the myth of an ‘exemplary minority’ that says Americans are successful in not rocking the ship,” said Don Chen, President of Syria. The foundation that signed the letter. Chen noted that foundations, researchers, and government officials need to gather more detailed data about Asian Americans to provide a more complete and accurate picture of the Asian American experience.

“This combination of stereotypes obscures what is really happening in the AAPI communities, the challenges facing ‘our communities,'” he said. “The minority model has been used to drive a wedge between different racial groups, thus making other racial groups, such as the SS and the Latin people, look bad.”

The letter comes almost a year after Asian American philanthropists և Pacific Islands urged residents to support a just response to the Coronavirus epidemic և testify to growing prejudice against Asian Americans focused on the early outbreak of Covid-19 in China.

From March 2020 to the end of last year, there were more than 2,800 incidents of anti-Asian violence, verbal abuse and civil rights violations, such as refusal to serve in a business establishment, according to Stop AAPI Hate, which collects such data.

These cases are undoubtedly an underestimation of the cases in which Asian Americans have fallen victim. This was stated by Marico Silver, one of the signatories of the letters to the President of the Henry Luce Foundation. While the mass killings in Atlanta prompted the foundation’s leaders to take action, Silver hopes a sharper focus on anti-Asian racism could help prevent another tragedy.

“Death should not be a sign that we are taking action,” he said. “We have to get involved long before that.”


This article was provided to the Associated Press by the Humanitarian Chronicle. Alex Daniels is a senior reporter for the Chronicle. Email: Alex.Daniels@philanthropy.com. AP and Chronicle receive support from Lilly Endowment for charitable և non-profit coverage. AP and Chronicle are solely responsible for all content.


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