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Belgium suspends reopening programs as viral infections increase

BRUSSELS (AP) – Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe said on Friday that the country was facing “crucial weeks” as the number of coronavirus infections rose as the government decided to suspend its plans to gradually ease restrictions.

Wearing outdoor masks, night curfews ումը closing և restaurants և bars are effective from the beginning of November. There is also a ban on trivial travel. Had had planned to give some reassurance to long-suffering citizens by resuming some outdoor activities on April 1.

“We are pressing the pause button,” De Crowe told reporters.

Early on Friday, health officials said the number of new daily infections reported in the past seven days had risen by a third to an average of 32,226. COVID-19 hospitalizations also increased by 27% over the same period.

Virologist Yves Van Laethem warned that the number of COVID-19 patients in resuscitation beds could reach a critical level on April 10 if infection rates do not slow down.

De Kroon said most of the new cases are found in schools and workplaces. The number of elderly people caught or dying from the virus decreases when the Belgian immunization program is launched.

“We have a month to limit social interactions as much as possible so that schools can reopen on April 19 after a 19-hour break,” De Crowe said. He said the travel ban would remain in place until at least the same date.

Van Laethem had previously said that Belgium was “facing a third wave of infections” but that people could help turn it into a “mini-wave” by following the rules.

A total of 22,624 people have died from coronavirus-related causes in Belgium, the country with a population of 11.5 million, which has been hit hardest by the outbreak of the epidemic. About 7.5% of the population has already received the first stroke of the coronavirus vaccine.


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