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Azz set a record in the middle of the 3s, beating Magic 137-91

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Donovan Mitchell scored 22 points on Saturday night, while the Utah azz set an NBA record of 3.5 points in a 137-91 victory over the short-lived Orlando Magic, extending their best lead. The winning series is 22.

In the first half, the Jazz scored 18 points with 3 points, setting an NBA record for a season in which the Jazz erased the long-range shooting marks of all previous privileges.

Mitchell scored 7 of 6 from the bow to help Utah break the 78-40 lead.

Each English և Bojan Bogdanovich each had 17 for jazz. No Utah player entered for more than 24 minutes, while all 13 players in uniform scored at least five points.

The Azz Azers did all this without Mike Conley, Utah’s regular starting guard, who usually sits on one side of the game to calm the right connection.

Wendell Carter Jr. scored 19 points and 12 rebounds to lead Magic, making just two of 23 long-range shots. Chuma Okeke had 16.

Magic actually had more players on the injury list (nine) than they had the chance to play (eight). Despite the ankle, Terence Ross was late, scoring 12 points.

Magic actually won the previous two games after their team finished trading last week. Orlando sent veterans’ bases to Nicola Vuևiև, Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon, all of whom had been with Magic for more than seven seasons.

With all the injuries և five games on the road trip, Magic had little time to work together to make any connection. And it showed in the fight against the highest group in the NBA.

Jordan Vordan Clarkson, who struggled with his shot, scored 11 of his 15 points in the first quarter as the Jazz led by 20 points.

The first difference with a balloon reached 46, when Bogdanovich made 3 points, making it 92-46 in the third quarter.

Despite slipping into the reserves in the last quarter, Utah still finished 26th with 54 for the three. It was the 14th for the 14-year-old with more than 20 points, which currently ranks second for all seasons in a single season.

Utah set a record for the privilege by scoring 100 points in its 39th consecutive game. The former 38 high water sign was posted in the 1983-84 season.

Azz’s choice from all angles հեշտ The easy penetration of the dribble created wide opening perimeter shots as the Magic traversed Utah’s movements two steps.


Magical. Against the Jazz, Orlando has spread his 22nd starting lineup this season, suffering 253 defeats due to injury (1st in the NBA). Լանդ In the first half, Orlando scored 2 points out of 3. 12, while the jazz was setting records էին missed all attempts in the second half. Րորդ In the fourth quarter, Carter appeared limping after stopping the shot, but continued to play.

Azz ազ. Utah has won the last 21 of 17 games against Orlando, including five in a row. This azz Azeris play 8-1 this weekend without any breaks. Six Ut Utah players scored a double-digit goal.


Magical. Sunday in Denver to complete a five-game trip.

Azz ազ. Monday night in Dallas.


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