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Ays Ace Yates is facing year-end elbow surgery; Springer disease

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TORONTO (AP) – Toronto Blue Jays sedative Kirby Yates is expected to undergo seasonal surgery on his right elbow, CEO Ross Atkins said on Tuesday.

The “Blue Jason” also reported about two other injuries. Afgelfried George’s Springer will miss the next four or five days due to a stretched oblique muscle.

Yates was expected to be close to Toronto after completing a $ 5.5 million off-season deal. On Monday, the team announced that Yates would miss several weeks due to strained forearm muscles.

Yates last played against Philadelphia, scoring two points each. This was his second exit from the source, and his first since March 11.

In 2019, 33-year-old Yates was the all-star with San Diego when he led the NL with a 1.19 ERA և 41 save. Last season, he played 12.6 ERA before undergoing surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow in Padres’s six games.

The Springer has signed a six-year deal worth $ 150 million in the off-season. The 2017 World Series MVP with Houston, he was scratched from the game on March 9 due to abdominal muscle stiffness.

Springer underwent an MRI after persistent pain, but Atkins said that Toronto’s main achievement still feels good, it is not expected to be out of action for a long time.

“MRI found an injury with which he was able to play baseball,” Atkins said. “He is very motivated, he is driven to be ready for the opening day.”

Atkins said Raine was taking her child up the stairs to her rented house when she slipped and fell. Ray’s baby was not injured in the fall, Atkins said.

“Part of the injury was making sure it was a priority,” Atkins said.

The left-hander is thought to be throwing a bull in the next few days.

“Right-handed Nate Pearson, who lost time due to right-sided swelling, has resumed throwing. He feels good,” said Atkins, while right-handed Thomas Hatch, who left last spring due to elbow pain, will miss a considerable amount of time.


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