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Australian Police Chief offers an app to prove sexual consent

CANBERRA, Australia. (Australia) – Australia’s top police officer on Thursday offered to develop a telephone program to document sexual consent to improve the level of convictions for sex crimes.

New South Wales State Police Commissioner Mick Mueller said the dating plans brought the couple together, and “the same technology can help clarify the agreement.”

“Technology does not fix everything, but it plays such a big role in people’s meetings at the moment. I just suggest. Is that part of the solution? ” Fuller said.

Fuller says the number of sexual assaults in Australia’s most populous state is rising, while the success rate of persecution – just 2% from those reports – indicates the system is not working.

“The agreement cannot be assumed,” Fuller wrote in News Corp. in newspapers. “Consent must be active throughout the sexual encounter.”

Responses to the proposal in the annex to the agreement were mostly negative or skeptical.

State Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian congratulated Fuller on “taking the lead in talking about sexual harassment” but declined to comment on the appendix.

Leslie-Ann, an expert at the University of South Australia on child sexual abuse, said she did not think the app would work.

“I do not think they are going to end the romance by putting details in the app,” Aye told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Qatari Lumbi, an ethics and accountability specialist at the University of Sydney, described the app as a quick fix for misunderstandings about sexual harassment.

“Basically, what we are dealing with right now is the fact that there is a very small minority of men in this society who are opportunistic, who make decisions about sexual harassment of women,” Lumbi said.

“They do not care where, how or why they do it. “They will seize the opportunity. I am convinced that they are more than capable of exploiting technology.”

More than 100,000 women protested across Australia on Monday, demanding justice while calling for cultures of masculinity in dangerous workplaces.

Public outrage erupted after Australia’s attorney general denied allegations that he raped a 16-year-old girl 33 years ago, and a former government official claimed he had been raped two years ago by a staff member of the House of Commons.

Fuller said his proposal could gain popularity over time.

“Honestly, the idea of ​​the app may be the worst idea I had in 2021, but the reality is five years from now,” he said. “If you think about dating 10 years ago, it was a concept of lonely people pointing a finger that we didn’t even know existed.”

At the suggestion of Fuller, a similar agreement was launched in Denmark last month. But the app has not been widely accepted, with less than 5,000 downloads, according to mobile intelligence site Sensor Tower.


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