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The BreakingNationalNews Team Awareness Team has received: a number Inquiries about NVS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Flow Distribution Service. Here are some of the questions asked this week.

H. “Pharmacy Collection” և NHS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Flow Distribution Service Is it the same service?
Yes Pharmacy Collector is the public name for the NHS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Flow Distribution Service.

H. How Do Contractors Sign Up for a Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service?
Contractors may register to provide services by completing the Outbound Device Distribution Service Declaration for the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). Manage your service portal (MYS),

H. Do contractors need to update their NHS site profile և their Directory Services Directory (DoS) profile when registering to indicate that they are currently providing this service to the NHS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Stream Distribution Service?
No. The NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map is the only site that should be used to find out which pharmacies provide the service.

H. Do I need to provide my wholesale brand with any specific information or declaration to order test kits for the service?
No. The NHSBSA will provide wholesalers with a list of contractors who are registered to provide the service.

Q. I asked a person who wants to collect a side-flow device test kit why they need the tests,, the reason is not one of the service lists (school-related, out-of-home work, local council recommended a test or GP / The health care professional advised them to check). Can I still take the tests?
Yes, in England everyone should have two free coronavirus tests a week. If the reason is not one of the four listed in the service specification, the pharmacy staff should select “Other” to record the reason why the person is requesting delivery.

More FAQs on availability can be found on the C-19 Side Stream Distribution Service website.

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