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As the NFL season heats up, here’s a look at what the Seahawks have to offer

Not that the NFL season is never short of news. Witness the debate and speculation over the weeks that led to Seahawks’s Russell Wilson’s passport protection comment.

But the league news cycle is set to start with higher gear as the free agency and project are at the center.

There will be no NFL combine, which usually serves as an unofficial season start in Indianapolis due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Instead, eligible players will be scheduled, tested, and evaluated in the early days of college.

The rest of the league season, however, will go as planned.

Here are the main dates with thoughts on how they affect the Seahawks.

From February 23 to March 9. Franchise label window

Seahawks has used the franchise label only twice since 2010. Drive to Olindo Murray in 2010 and to Frank Clark in 2019. The Clark label took Seattle time to trade.

The Seahawks have two free agents waiting this year for them to discuss with the label: Pushing Chris Carson իլ Shaquille Griffin.

Teams can use one label per year, which keeps a player under contract for one season.

Although it is not clear what the exact amount of the league is, for Carson, it is likely to be around $ 8.5 million for 2021, and for Griffin – about $ 15 million.

That would put Carson in the top 10 highest paid runners in the NFL and Griffin in the top seven.

As Seattle did with Clark, teams can partially use the token to prevent a player from entering a free agency to keep options open, including developing long-term expansion. And since the label number goes entirely to the 2021 salary cap, it is likely that Seattle would have preferred the label if it had been used.

Fourteen NFL players were named last year, but only one signed a long-term deal.

As the salary threshold will be lower in 2021 than in 2020, however, the use of the label may be less.

The value set for 2020 was $ 198.2 million. Although the exact number of caps for this year remains unclear, a Pro Football Talk report says it is expected to be between $ 182 million and $ 183 million. This may make teams less inclined to use the label.

Carson and Griffin struggled with injuries last season, and the Seahawks may feel they have other options in those positions. Given this և their history, it is more likely that they will not use the label.

This is also the case when teams can assign a player a transition marker. The transition label is less commonly used, and Seattle has not used it since 2006 with Steve Hutchinson. The transition label gives the player less money than the privileged tag, but allows him to continue looking for offers from other teams. The player’s current team may be eligible for other offers.

March 15. The “period of legal falsifications” begins

NFL teams can re-register their agents for free at any time. But they are not allowed to talk to the free agents of other teams until March 15. Of course, such conversations usually take place on the principle of a kind of “eye-popping” at the factory. The agent of one player on the team can simply introduce many other players, անուն a name or two may come up during the conversation.

Of course, this can happen with other horses. It will be interesting to see if the free agent process looks different this year without a combine. It was held last year, just before COVID-19 stopped the sports world.

March 17. Free agents can sign with other teams

Although many deals will be revealed during the forgery, this is the day when players officially become free agents (13 officially Seattle at 1pm) պաշտոն can formally sign with other teams.

This day is the deadline for agents with limited, exclusive rights to submit quality offers to teams.

The Seahawks currently have 21 unlimited free agents, led by Carson, Shaquille Griffin, KJ Wright, Benson Mayowa, Bruce Irvin, Quinton Dunbar և Carlos Hyde (that number is Greg Olsen և For Mike Iupati’s announced retirement: Iupati, Seattle’s first start for the past two years’s left guard, quoted a “Spokesperson” review over the weekend as he retires (he has played against Seattle for the past two seasons).

Seattle has nine other free or exclusive rights agents, the most intriguing of which may be Shaquem Griffin, an RFA. Seattle would have to offer Griffin an unsecured $ 2.1 million contest to prevent him from becoming a UFA.

April 19 – For teams with returning coaches starting off-season.

The general expectation is that the off-season programs will probably be re-launched virtually. However, even though the plans are underway, this will mark a key date for the Seahawks, as it’s the first day that new attack coordinator Shane Waldron can formally begin meeting with players to implement his new system.

April 29-May 1 – NFL draft.

Seattle currently has just four selections, with only one in the first three rounds and No. 56 in the second, thanks to Jam Amal Adams. So perhaps it is more accurate to say that the project for Seattle purposes does not really begin until April 30. But you never know… ..

May 3 – The deadline for the teams to select the first round of 2018.

This does not always apply to Seattle, as the Seahawks did not always have a first-round pick.

But that’s happening this year, as Seattle has until that date to make a decision using the 2022 season to push Rashad Penny back.

In fact, it probably won’t make a decision. The change in the rules means that the option is immediately fully guaranteed (previously it was only guaranteed for injury, և the player could still be reduced to the fifth year without paying the team salary).

Exactly what the sample salaries will be (it depends in part on what the hat will be), it is expected that Penny will have about $ 9 million for the 2022 season.

It’s hard to imagine the Seahawks wanting to guarantee that for a player who saw just 38 emergencies last season after a serious knee injury, that means Penny is likely to play for his future in 2021.


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