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As Indonesia cuts doses, its president criticizes richer countries for vaccine nationalism

Indonesia’s President Oko Widodo has criticized richer countries for the nationalism of vaccines, which has hampered the supply of coronavirus vaccines around the world and prolonged the global epidemic.

“We have to make vaccines available to all countries,” he said in an interview with Okovo on Wednesday. “Poor countries, developing countries, developed countries must be treated equally. If not, the epidemic will not end. “

Although nearly 700 million doses have been administered worldwide, the vast majority of them have been in vaccine-rich countries. The European Union (EU) has sought to block cargo shipments, while countries such as the United States and Britain have placed orders in larger quantities than their entire population needs.

At the same time, the World Health Organization’s Covax initiative to supply developing countries has been hampered by slow funding from vaccine manufacturers such as India, which sought to provide adequate supplies for domestic use.

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For Indonesia, which has given a dose of about 13.5 million vaccines, the nationalism of this vaccine means that it must slow down its program, as it will receive a dose of only 20 million vaccines instead of the 30 million expected in March-April.

Earlier this year, Okov was tasked by the government with administering 1 million doses every day to ensure herd immunity for its 270 million people. That number rose to 780,000 a day in March, until recently it fell to about 500,000 և, probably less, as supplies declined in the previous months before the July harvest.

“There is no problem on the field, the problem is supply,” he said. “It is useless for a country to collect vaccines, the coronavirus remains, the infections will continue to spread.”



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