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Arsenal loan player rejects Tottenham’s place in EPL top 4

NEWCASTLE, England (AP) – Tottenham Hotspur have been ruled out of the Premier League’s top four on loan by Arsenal on loan after Wilcock’s late goal on Sunday drew 2-0 with Newcastle United. With a score of 2.

Harry Kane’s double in the first half moved him to the top of the Premier League goalscoring charts as he saw the Spurs recover from missing the opening goal in the 28th minute.

Tottenham were set to move up to rivals Chelsea ոնդ in the Champions League qualifiers when, six minutes later, substitute Willock broke the post with a long-range shot.

On the last day of the winter transfer window, the midfielder joined Newcastle on loan from Arsenal until the end of the season.

“In defensive situations we create instability with our mistakes, ‘instability gives hope to our opponent,’ our opponent does not give up,” said Tottenham boss Jose Oze Mourinho, whose side have repeatedly conceded points after conceding late goals this season.

“I had the same feeling that I was on the bench. “It’s hard to feel completely in control, because I know what can happen.”

Tottenham could not win the top six of the league in the leading half of the game, falling 11 points due to goals scored in the last 10 minutes of the game.

It could be a turning point for Newcastle, who finished fourth to fourth in the game, as if they were in a fight with Fulham for the final retreat.

Newcastle are often criticized for lack of adventure in attack, but had a total of 22 hits, doubling Tottenham.

“The way the football players responded և played throughout. “I thought we were a better team, we had the advantage and the energy,” said Newcastle manager Steve Bruce.

“Tottenham” would not have been so high if it were not for Kane, whose fateful goal in the 30th minute – Emil Kraft’s dismissal from the striker, infuriated him for a long distance, followed by a thunderstorm, a corner kick. four minutes later.

The England striker jumped 19 times higher than Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah.

Kane is also leading the league in goal assists this season with 13 points, which is twice as much as the leader of “Manchester City” Kevin De Bruyne, so he is a big contender for the English footballer’s award.

Fifth-placed Tottenham are two points behind third-placed Chelsea and seven behind third-placed Leicester, who also lost on Saturday.

“We had it in our hands,” said Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emil Heuberger. “We also have to win the game, so we are definitely not happy. “The Premier League is very good and very fast to do less than an inch.”


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