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Arred Kelenick for first household hit as Mariners tour Cleveland

It had to be at home.

Did you know that it will not be an infield single or a bouquet in the superficial left center? It will come later.

No, Kerenich’s first major league hit had to coincide with the scandal surrounding his title և equal his self-confidence.

After being useless in his MLB debut on Thursday night, after coming out of his first bombing on Friday, the sailors’ early prospect gave T-Mobile Park fans what they wanted to see in their second combat bombing, a hint of that talent. անք Laser current in the outer seats.

Facing Cleveland starting lineup Aaron Sival, who entered the game 5-0 with an average of և 2.91 in seven starts, Kelenich jumped into the outer half of the split fast plate. As proof of his raw power-compact swing, Kelenich dropped the bat’s barrel onto the pitch, sending the line drive over the wall to the far right center over the 380 mark քը hand of a fan who is likely to trade. A valuable memoir to Kelenich for souvenirs with some autographs.

But from an individual acquisition, it provided an injection of energy into the slogan contest, which was Mariners’ crime for two weeks. And those homers, along with two other Kellenik strikes, including an RBI double, helped Seattle unleash a sudden burst of running, bringing a series of five-game defeats that would ultimately lead to a 7-3 victory.

It was only the second time in Season 11 that Seattle had run seven և more runs and 10 hits more than the combined total of the previous three games. Kelenich finished the night with three of those 10 hits. The second homer in the third, on the double melting double line leading to the center և another touching double bluff on the left field, which earned a run in the Big Four – lead the seventh innings.

The previous day, after flirting several times without hitting, Kyle Sieger ended all that drama in the very first final, kicking Homer, the soloist in the far right of Sival, 1-0.

When Kelenich came out of the third step, he entered the box and saw all four of Sivale’s pitches – a knife, a quick ball, a curved ball – a fracture in his first fight, which ended in an irritating style with an awkward fingertip inspection. in the filth that was called the strike by third baseman Ted Barrett.

Kelenich again did not make a half-swing on the splitter.

Outside of the bat, Kelenich seemed to know it was a hit և most likely Homer. But there was no stealing or even posture. He ran hard out of the box, slowing down a lot as he walked around the foundations. In the stands, his parents and girlfriend were screaming, hugging and celebrating.

As he passed the house plate, he pointed straight at them before digging into the pit. Fans in the stands applauded him standing up, shouting for the curtain to ring. Kelenich came out of the ditch and stood upstairs next to manager Scott Serva, shaking his helmet to accept their request.

When he finished on the pitch, he ran to the left pitch and was greeted by a standing ovation from fans near Edgar Cantina և Left Field Bleach և Left Field Break.

The 3-0 advantage was useful for starting player Chris Flexen, who was effective, although it was not too difficult to hit.

He played 5/2 2 innings, allowing one run with five strokes, walking without strokes. Of his 85 pitches, he made just four swings and missed. Cleveland scored 20 goals, 11 of which had a top speed of more than 90 miles per hour, including five at 100 miles per hour.

With two appearances in the sixth place, leading Seattle 3-1, Servis went with his bull. Right-back Kendall Gravity, who had not played for a week, finished sixth and worked tirelessly in seventh.

But with four runs in the seventh, it was useful to win.

Dylan Moore went ahead with a double, stole the third և and scored a goal during the flight from Luis Torrence. Sam Hagerti chased with a double to the right and easily captured Kelenich’s double. Mitch Hanniger made the start by quickly hitting a ball from Phil Maton to an inhuman mass known as the “Pen”, which is now back in full force, saying that those fans should be completely vaccinated.

Eric Swanson made the usual eighth consecutive result. But the ninth step was not clear. Asked to finish what should have been a comfortable victory with a six-run lead, right-hand man JT Chargois made things interesting by serving Noylor with two-run homers. Chargo seemed to end the game when Harold Ramirez hit a short line from JP Crawford. But he dropped his thumb. Crawford still had time to play, firing at the first base. But Jose Marmolegos, who was playing instead of the injured Evan White, threw the throw.

Servais brought Rafael Montero out of the final to make it to the final, which he did on a first-come, first-served basis.


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