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Arizona Women in the 1st Sweet 16 after beating BYU since ’98

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Aari McDonald had 17 points and 11 assists Wednesday night as Arizona beat BYU 52-46 to advance to the NCAA Sweet 16 for the first time since coach Adia Barnes was a Wildcats player. : 1998

Third seed Wildcats (18-5) finally took the lead, remaining Sam Thomas’ 3-point lead with 3:47 minutes left, shortly after McDonald’s 3 reduced their deficit by one. BYU (19-6) equalized their biggest advantage of the game – four points, as a result of Shalaye Gonzales’ layout – just over five minutes.

McDonald, the second-team all-American Pac-12 player of the year, sealed the Mercado Region game when he stole the ball from Gonzalez, the player of the year at the World Coast Conference, և came out in 3rd place. seconds left. That last basket gave Arizona the biggest advantage of the game.

Kate Reese of Texas had 12 points for Arizona and Trinity Baptist had 11 points before making a mistake.

Gonzalez had 16 points for BYU. Tegan Graham had 13.

The 11th seed BYU (19-6) may be the last team in the 64-team field to lose to Gonzaga in the last minute of the West Coast Conference Championship. The Cougars opened the NCAA tournament with a Rutgers record of 69-66, and Gonzalez made the final of his six straight free throws in 13.4 seconds.

Barnes, the biggest player of the year in the Pac-12 when Arizona went to his only other Sweet 16, is in his fifth season, coaching at his hometown. His contract was extended until 2025-26.

Wildcats is competing in the NCAA for the first time since 2005. They would have achieved that last season, when the cancellation of the tournament due to the epidemic was 24-7 years old.

Arizona took the lead in the third quarter after Reese’s impressive concussion, the 6-foot-tall second striker, the first McDonald’s All-American to play in Arizona after a preparation career in Cypress, Texas, nearly 200 miles from San Antonio.

Reese shouted back from the field after a 3-meter kick from the keyboard, which raised Arizona 30-27 early in the second half.

Later in the third quarter, when Gonzalez added BYU by one point after a three-point game, Reese made an inbound և cut inside for a strong layout. After Reese was called up for a three-second foul on the next possession, the Wildcats got the ball back from Baptist stealing, which resulted in Risi և 3,,,,, -3 -3 -3 -3 36-32’s lead, 5 5 2 minutes ahead. After that quarter, the game was tied at 37.


In 2002, և again in 2014, BYU went to Sweet 16 coach f Jud Adkins’ first season, but again missed the opportunity to get there.


Arizona will play Texas A&M at the Alamodome, where the Sweet 16 մնացած will be played for the rest of the tournament.


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