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Apple announces the return of the “free speech” Parler program

Apple has announced that it has reached an agreement with the right-wing social program Parler, which could lead to its restoration in the company’s recovery store. Apple ousted Parler in January over a deadly siege of the US Capitol on January 6.

In a letter to two Republican lawmakers in Congress, Apple said it had “had significant discussions with Parler about how the company plans to streamline content on its network.” Prior to its removal from the App Store, Parler was a hotbed of hate speech, Nazi images, calls for violence (including violence against specific people), and conspiracy theories.

Apple declined to comment on the letter, which did not provide details on how Parler plans to moderate such content. In the letter, Apple states that the changes proposed by Parlor will lead to the approval of the application.

Parler did not immediately respond to a request for comment. As of Monday, Parler was not yet available in the app store, և Apple did not give a timeline for when it will be restored. According to a letter from Apple, Parler suggested making changes to its application – how it measures content. Apple has stated that the updated application containing these changes should be available as soon as Parler releases it.

Google also banned Parler from its Google Play Store in January, but Parler remains available for Android phones through third-party app stores. Apple’s closed app system means that apps are only available through Apple’s own stores. On Monday, Google reiterated its January announcement that “Parler is welcomed into the Play Store when he submits an application that complies with our policy.”

So far this has not happened.

Parler is still banned from Amazon Web Services. Amazon said in January that Parler was unable to moderate the growth of violent content before, during and after the uprising. Parler asked a federal judge in Seattle to force Amazon to restore it to the web. Those efforts failed, և companies are still fighting in court.

Republican political donor Rebecca Mercer has confirmed that she helped Parler’s bank balance և became the network’s shadow CEO in recent months after its founder, John von Matze, was fired in February.


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