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AP sources. NWHL added the 7th team, expanding in Montreal

The Women’s National Hockey League expands to add a seventh team to Montreal next season. This was reported to The Associated Press by two people with direct knowledge of the approved program of the League Board of Governors.

The NWHL was originally scheduled to announce the launch of its second Canadian franchise in early February. However, that schedule was postponed after the Isobel Cup play-offs were postponed after the outbreak of COVID-19, according to two people who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because they were not eligible to speak in the NWHL. for:

League spokesman Paul Crots, in an email sent late Monday evening, said only that the NWHL “has nothing to say about the expansion of the 7th season”. Krotz said the league instead focused on finishing its playoff games outside of Boston this weekend.

Two weeks ago, NWHL Commissioner Tyler Tummini hinted that the expansion was on the horizon without giving details.

“Yes, it is not too far away,” Tummini told the AP in a telephone interview. “We think about it a lot.”

The still-to-be-nominated Montreal team would lead the same BTM ownership group that owns the league’s Boston Pride հիմն founded the Toronto Six expansion franchise last year. The ownership group includes Miles Arnone, Managing Director of Cannon Capital, and Johanna Nilsson Boyton, Harvard Double Captain.

Other NWHL teams are based in New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Buffalo, New York.

Expansion occurs when the NWHL undergoes changes at the executive level.

Tummina took over as commissioner in October, replacing Danny Rylan Kearney, who founded the NWHL in 2015 as the first professional women’s league in North America to pay players regular salaries. Rylan Kearney took part in overseeing the league’s four privileges and was tasked with involving groups of potential owners before resigning last week.

The playoffs will be broadcast on NBCSN this weekend. The NWHL failed to award the Isobel Cup a year ago when a coronavirus epidemic forced it to cancel its championship game.

In the semifinals on Friday, Toronto will face Boston in the standings, and the other will play the second-placed Minnesota Whitecaps, which plays the point of Connecticut. The championship game is scheduled for Saturday.


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