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AP photo. The Czechs are holding a noisy Easter march against the backdrop of the epidemic


A year ago, after preventing an epidemic, a group of black-clad men in white masks returned to the town of Ceske Budeovici, beating percussion instruments and pushing small carts that made a lot of noise.

They all wear face masks and follow the rules of social exclusion.

In a number of European countries, on Holy Thursday evening, church bells are silent. According to tradition, they fly home to Rome, but do not sound until Easter Sunday.

While the bells are still ringing, believers in several countries, including the Czech Republic and Austria, are marching loudly to call people to prayer.

Their efforts were not in vain.

The government decided to loosen the blockade slightly, allowing believers to attend Easter funeral services after 9pm, when the night curfew begins.

“I am really grateful for that,” said Jan Voditska, a participant in the event. “Last year’s edition was canceled. This year it unites people and gives hope. What is this about? ”

Elsewhere in Austria, people used wooden shocks to make noise. Believers in Ceske Budejovice returned to the tradition of using small wooden carts for the sound of wooden trunks about 10 years ago, or as it is known, making noise.

The marches take place on Easter Sunday.


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