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Another Granato who is suing the family in Buffalo

BUFFALO, NEW YORK (AP) – Tony Granato can now laugh at how angry he was with his brother Don for refusing to let go of the goal on the 15th.

Tony considered his younger sister or sister to be one of the better goalkeepers in front of him, even at the young age of three; he worried that Don was throwing away his future because he did not want to sit on the bench every second game in the rotation.

“I basically said, ‘This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard when you say that,'” said Wisconsin’s coach, a former NHL player.

This could be the last time Tony questioned his brother’s life decisions.

Not only did Don Granato teach himself on the spot by spending hours on video, mostly on Wayne Gretzky learning the ins and outs of goals, he followed in Tony’s footsteps four years later, receiving a scholarship from Wisconsin.

“It was a truly incredible feat,” said Tony Granato. “It was here that I learned that more than just being a hockey player, there is a special way of thinking about the game that I do not have.”

The Granato family’s order to tear hockey is disappointing. Tony has played in 13 NHL seasons, and his sister, Kemmy, is a two-time Olympian, the first female hockey player և a Seattle Kraken scout on the NHL expansion team. Another brother, Rob, also played I Division hockey.

However, the interim coach of the Buffalo Sabers is known by his siblings as “smart”.

“There is a really simple reason for that,” explains Don Granato. “When you have a brother who is three years older, he is a bit of a bully, you have no choice.

“You are not going to win a fight,” he said with a laugh. “It was necessary to find out a tactic.”

At the age of 53, Granato could finally step out of the shadows within a month of his new role following the resignation of Ralph Krueger.

Taking a team in 18 games without a win, Granato snatched a competitive advantage from a young և injury-free և one who simply lost senior Jack E. Eichel for the rest of the unfortunate season. The last-placed Sabers are 4-2-2 in their last eight, after a 0-5-1 start led by Granato.

His first chance as head coach of the NHL comes after 27 years across the continent, working as an assistant coach in all sports leagues for five years in the US Hockey Development Program.

Granato relied on that experience, simplifying Buffalo’s approach with an emphasis on speed predictions. And he eased the frustration of his players by focusing on gradual improvements.

“That was my message to the team on my first day.” This series is not going to describe us. So just stop. Stop worrying. “Stop the anxiety, the anxiety,” Granato said. “I did not want to win just one game. “I want us to keep winning.”

He did not deviate from his message when the Buffalo slide struck Philadelphia 4 on March 29 4. Losing 3 (3: 3) with an advantage of 3 goals, with the advantage of the third round. Two days later Buffalo 4. Entered third with a score of 1. In the game against Philadelphia, Granato put aside a rumor, saying instead that he belongs to his players after all 6. In the victory with a score of 1.

“Most coaching is knowing when to avoid the road,” said Granato. “We want our boys to become strong on their own, we want to strengthen them. It is a process. “Any time you can hand it over to the group, it helps the process.”

Granato’s calming effect is reflected in what Cammy once said about her brother in a US hockey story. “Don was the one who could talk to you mentally. He was a guy you could talk to for a long time,, you will feel much better when you graduate. ”

Defender Rasmus Dalin enjoys confidence under Granato.

“I love him as a coach,” Dali said. “We do everything he says, it works. He makes all the players very confident. “Yes, he is doing something special.”

Opposing coaches noticed a difference.

“They do not sit far behind in the neutral zone. “They seem to be playing more on their toes,” said New York Rangers coach David Quinn.

The sample size is small, but Granato has emerged as a full-time candidate.

“I think from the beginning I always thought Donnie should be part of this conversation, no matter what happens,” said General Manager Keane Adams. “What I see outside of our team now is a team that plays purposefully.”

The grenade lacks qualification.

He worked twice as an NHL assistant under Joel Quenville. At the AHL level, he coached Mike Babcock, Claude Julien, Mike Sullivan, and Bruce Bodro. With U.S. hockey, Granato developed players such as Toronto’s Oston Matthews, Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk, and Boston’s Charlie McAvoy.

Granato feels good about his journey, believing that every step is worthwhile, while at the same time staying in the moment, refusing to look ahead.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I do not know if I would have felt that way 10 years ago,” he said. “Whatever happens, we will all be fine.”

His junior league experience has prepared him for the chaos of this season, the uncertainty of the ever-changing roster, with three players traded in the last two weeks. His time as a teenager in hockey in the United States is also seen in the dynamics of high wages, forcing teams to get more output from younger players.

Tony Granato is pleased that his brother is finally getting attention. He recalls that Don broke the video through a video recorder he received for his 15th birthday.

“He was interrupting the game to talk about different things, ‘we’re kids,’ we’re like, ‘Come on, Don, stop,'” he recalled. “But he always thought of the game in a tactical way.”

A smart one.

“Correct is right,” said Tony Granato. “I և Camin և Robin’s were all about emotions և energy. Donnie could think about it և say. “Wow, slow down here.” Yes, that’s 100% accurate. “


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