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Angels Mike Trout hears his playoff watch doll

ANAHEM, California. (AP) – Mike Trout starts a new season with the same old question.

How long will the triple AL MVP of Los Angeles wait for its first playoff victory?

“It certainly weighed heavily on me,” Trout said Monday before the first full angels training in Tempe, Arizona. “I hear it every year. The only way to change that is to reach the playoffs, no matter how it is. ”

The prince has been waiting for his answer to that question for almost a decade since his first debut in his league in July 2011. Following the Angels’ recent failure last fall, Trout knows he will not win a post-season game until he turns 30 this summer.

The big-budget “Angels” are equal to Detroit for the third major playoff drought in six seasons, behind only Seattle and Philadelphia. Even the extended 2020 season did not help Los Angeles, which ended its 26-34 losing campaign for the fifth time in a row, the worst part of the franchise since the 1970s.

However, the Eight All-Star is relentlessly optimistic about the Angels’ chances, even after owner Arte Moreno embarked on another off-season renovation by sacking CEO Billy Appler, Prince’s best friend.

“I’m trying to get to the playoffs,” Trout said. “Everyone is there. If that’s not your mindset, you should not be here. We have one goal. It’s going to the playoffs to win the World Series here. That is still the same goal. It is obvious that there are many new faces this year. We kind of cleaned the house a little bit.

“I’m looking for a new beginning, you know, I’m definitely getting older, but I’m still young. I still feel great. This year is very different now. I’m a father. I do not know, it’s different, but maybe it will change luck. “

The biggest problems for the angels are all on the mound, so they remain in the hands of the prince, no matter how brilliant the $ 426 million central player plays.

Although Los Angeles has not responded to its endemic scandal with shocking signatures, Prince Maddon hopes that Halos can develop its strong ending in a year on the pitch, which seems more daunting than last season.

The supreme group of angels often spoke of their determination to win the pinnacle of power, and that is the fundamental motivation for resisting the thorough reorganization of the organization. They just kept adding pieces around the trout, hoping to get new results from various corrections to the list.

Maddon agrees with the philosophy that he does not shy away from the responsibility of the “Angels” to bring the prince to the playoffs.

“It would be absolutely like the mortal sin of the Catholic faith,” Maddon said. “You just can’t miss the opportunity to have such talent for generations. : There are a lot of great players who have never played in a World Series, so it goes beyond Michael, but I don’t want that to happen to him. This guy loves to play. He is wonderful to be around. Of course, I want to see it for Michael և his family, but I want to see it for everyone. ”

Although the princes are more involved in family life and union affairs these days, he said he has undergone the same off-season training with the same coaches. This season he wants to improve his position on the field after coming on the field, so he intends to increase the spring work with a glove and a hand.

The prince is also optimistic about the recent change of leadership on top of the privileges, although he is still close to Apple, whom Moreno sharply canceled in September last year.

The prince said it was “obviously sad” to see Apple’s removal, but he was already feeling good about the new CEO, Perry Minasyan, who kept the prince strong in the angels’ off-season moves.

No matter who runs Moreno’s front office, Trout believes the Angels in uniform will decide if his play-off drought lasts for another season, or if the fans will finally stop him.

“I’m tired of hearing.” Hey, Mike. Will adding this guy help you? ” said the kneeling prince. “I have to worry about myself, try to do what is best for me, for the team.”


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