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Analysis. The NBA East has a tournament schedule to deal with

This is a strange season for the NBA at a strange time for the world.

Most of the people who want to participate in the All-Star Game do not seem to be particularly excited about these programs. The arenas are almost empty because of the virus records. Game schedules are usually known months in advance. no one still knows what the second week of March is like.

All this is more unusual.

However, there is one constant. The tournament schedule for the Eastern Conference is a mess.

To spend any time trying to figure out how the East would be shaken was a futile endeavor, as it is clear that the teams themselves have no idea. Last season, Miami conquered Arzelk and spent zero days for more than 500 this season. Milwaukee, the top NBA regular-season team in each of the last two seasons, the two-time MVP ian Anis Antetokunpo, has just suffered five consecutive losses. In the East, each team had at least one or three defeats. Eleven of those 15 teams had many three-game slides, and the season was not even half over.

If that wasn’t enough, the Western Conference dominates its friends in the other half of the league. The West wins 57% of its games against the East. This is the biggest gain in terms of pace, as West won 58.4% in 2014-15 – in fact, it assures that West will win the regular season series against East for the 21st time in the last 22 seasons. In 1995-96, in 1998-99, the East won against the West for four years in a row. the only season that the East beat the West in 2008-09.

So far, so good.

Having only three teams is better than one game. Above 500, two months after the season, it’s a big surprise from the East. Philadelphia (20-11) և Brooklyn (20-12) sits on top of the East, and Milwaukee (18-13) is in their shadow.

This is where the ridiculously thick traffic jam starts, with the next 10 teams. Indiana, Toronto, Boston, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando աշին Washington – all in 3 1/2 games.

Some offer a very simple explanation.

“I see a lot of irrelevant teams in the East,” said heat coach Eric Spoelstra. “And we are one of them.”

That said, there are signs that some teams are finding out.

Brooklyn just went 5-0 on the West Journey, spending most of those games without Kevin Durant. Toronto started 7-12; since Raptors is 9-3. Bulls և The hit has already won more games in February than in January. The Wizards defeated defending champions the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night, winning for the fifth time in a row, which means that they are 6. They have a score of 5. With a score of 0. And the Knicks, this is true և amazing, have a chance to win in the first calendar month since November 8-7, 2017.

“We are aiming to become a 48-minute team,” said Knicks coach Tom Tibodo, who has already had a significant impact during his first two months in New York. “We still have a long way to go.”

The good news is that there is a lot of time left.

This week, the teams will receive the schedules for the second half of the NBA. Everyone, even those traveling to Atlanta for the one-day All-Star Game on March 7, will get a break from the first few months of the season. The trade deadline will be interesting on March 25, as this year there will be a play-off tournament, և 20 teams are actually going post-season, even if four are eliminated in a very short time, more teams than usual will be in the play-off race.

Simply put, there is a long way to go. And that means there’s plenty of time for this East Coast account to break down a bit.

“Anyone who can find some consistency and reliability faster can find some separation in the standings, but right now, when there is no separation,” Spoelstra said. “So what I see is opportunity.”


Tim Reynolds is a national basketball writer for the Associated Press. Write to her at treynolds (at) ap.org


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