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Analysis. Sunny Chris Paul deserves a mention in the NBA MVP race

There is no definition of what makes one the most valuable player in the NBA.

If this is the best player, then LeBron James Ames should have more than four cups. If this is the best player of the regular season, then ian anis Antetokunmpo has been the right choice in each of the last two seasons. Later, he often became the leading striker. Kevin Durant, Steven Carey, Russell Westbrook և James Ames Harden recently won MVPs in goal-scoring seasons.

If this is the most valuable player for the contending team, then a case can be filed for Chris Paul.

Let’s understand. Paul is almost not going to win the award this year. He averages 16 points և 9 assists. It is not enough to move the voters. The last time MVP votes went to those who did not blink, they won when Steve Nash won his return trophies in 2005-2006. Since then, the average price of each MVP has been at least 23.8 points, and four have averaged at least 30 points.

This year’s race is as wide as it has been for years. And without a clear favorite, there will probably be more debate about the “most valuable” part of the MVP Awards.

James Ames seemed to be in the lead, then the Los Angeles Lakers suffered several defeats without Anthony Dice, and now James Ames has probably been on the pitch for at least a few weeks with a high ankle sprain. Joel Embid of Philadelphia was taken to that unofficial MVP favorite place, then he was also injured. Harden was brilliant after joining Brooklyn, which means he’s in trouble again.

Denver player Nikola Jokic could win it this year. The same could be true of Portland’s Damian Lillard. It would be foolish to rule out Antetokounmpo in its three consecutive searches. James Ames, Embid և Harden և could still be winners. It is as wide as it has been for years.

If one criterion, which is not usually high, is “the most valuable player for the candidate team”, then Paul deserves a great look.

Let’s start with the obvious reason. The men are good.

They were not bad before Paul came. Phoenix made some noise last summer at Walt Disney World’s Balloon 8. With a score of 0 to reach the playoffs in the end with futile prospective searches, but this team is better than that group. Their veteran guardian was one of the big reasons. why?

“He’s just such a smart player, man,” said Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers. “Still obviously skilled, still athletic. If you give Chris Paul to a guy who wants to go back, that’s the key, Chris can be tough, but he’s in the right group, they want to go back, they want to be led, there’s no better player in the NBA. for that. “

They are still 28-13 years old this season, the second at the Western Conference, which kicks off in Miami on Tuesday. Anything without a total collapse will reach the playoffs for the first time since 2010, ending the NBA’s second longest drought. Only Sacramento, which has not played in the play-offs since 2006, has waited longer.

This should come as no surprise. Paul’s teams win.

This is his 16th season և 14th in a row, in which Paul’s team plays a winning record. They not only win, but take great victories. Paul’s five teams in the last 14 seasons. season look.

In other words, for every three games Paul plays, his teams win two of them. That’s pretty good.

On Sunday, he became the sixth player to reach 10,000 assists, either at the end of this season or early next season due to injury, he will be able to score enough points for the first member of the առաջին 10,000 և 10,000 assistant club. , James Ames has 331 assists since joining.

Phoenix acquired Paul before a bargain with Oklahoma City before the bargain, which did not prevent the $ 44 million option reserved for next season, which he apparently intends to implement. The other teams were scared or could not do it when they were chasing other free agents. Phoenix’s general manager James Ames ounces came in and took that step.

“He has to get the majority of the credit,” James Ames said of his former teammate Jones in Cleveland, Miami. “He assembled that team, then he pressed a button to deliver CP3 to Phoenix. And we all know the CP3 resume. When CP3 goes to a team, they automatically become a better team. ”

Paul was second in the MVP voting 13 seasons ago. He was third in 2012, fourth in 2013, and was sixth or seventh three times on the road. And he’s never been to the NBA Finals, one of the few empty boxes on his resume.

No, he will not win the MVP award this year either.

But at least he got his conversation right.


Tim Reynolds is the national basketball writer for the Associated Press. Write to her at treynolds (at) ap.org


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