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ANALYSIS. Communist Party seeks to “rejuvenate” China

BEIJING (AP) – The phrase “rejuvenation” was included in the keynote address of China’s biggest political event of the year, its 3,000-member legislature.

It summarizes the long-term ultimate goal of the ruling Communist Party. Build a nation into a truly global power that commands respect from the rest of the world.

That goal is intertwined with another goal – the preservation of power. The party is gripping the digital space, controlling the media and shutting down those who openly challenge its line. But it is also trying to seduce the public by raising national pride in the country’s growing global influence to justify its continued rule for more than 70 years.

“By giving the Chinese people another enormous step towards rejuvenation, the Central Committee (of the Communist Party) has produced impressive results that make our people happy and will go down in history,” Li Han Anshun, the party’s No. 3 official, said this week. to the legislators.

Rejuvenation is repeated like a mantra, even woven into an exhibition at the National Museum of the Art of the Year of the Chinese Zodiac. The introduction to the exhibition calls on the diligent ox և credits party leader և head of state Xi Jinping to deepen “the understanding of the great aspirations of the Chinese nation.”

That prospect is a dynamic as policymakers in Washington and other capitals think about how to guide China’s rise and the resulting global change.

China’s leaders are pushing for a more sophisticated economy, a stronger military force, as well as a faster domestic market, and higher-tech capabilities under US tariff restrictions. They are looking for opportunities to provide global leadership, from the COVID-19 epidemic to climate change. And they are less willing to meet the demands of others on issues such as human rights.

That’s a lot of challenges for US President Biden. There is room for cooperation in the field of climate change. There are differences in trade և technology to try to get out. Their fleets are shaking positions in the western Pacific. And there are deep divisions over Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, mainly the Muslim Xinjiang region, where both sides are digging their heels.

The Communist Party celebrates its two hundredth anniversary in a march in the hope of rejuvenation. This July will mark the 100th anniversary of its founding. And in 2049, when it came to power in 1949.

This year’s goal was to create a “moderately prosperous” society. GDP per capita has exceeded $ 10,000, placing China firmly among the upper middle-income countries, although the wealth gap between the urban rich and the rural poor is widening.

The goal for 2049 is bigger. The goal of the Xi Party’s 19th congress in 2017 is to achieve common good for all major Chinese so that they can enjoy a happier, safer, and healthier life. China would also be a global leader in terms of national power և international influence.

As an intermediate goal, Xin said the economy could double by 2035, bringing GDP per capita to about $ 20,000.

To that end, at its annual meeting ending on Thursday, the National Assembly is expected to approve the party’s next five-year plan, setting its own economic, military and other goals.

There are potential outbursts along the way. China’s population is aging before the full development of the economy, which is the result of a tough one-child policy. It is unclear whether the rigid system of the party can govern a more complex society, an economy that is more dependent on creativity than on central growth planning.

The term “rejuvenation” culminates in the Chinese imperial era, when it was a technological and cultural leader in Asia. Later, the English dynasty weakened in the 19th century, and the Western powers, which became more powerful, forced it to make a number of territorial and trade concessions.

The idea of ​​rejuvenation gave rise not only to the calls of the communists, but also to other revolutionaries and reformers in the early 20th century. But as different forces struggled for power, և China got into trouble, Japan invaded ապ Apony եց occupied most of the country at the end of World War II.

The Communist Party often turns to this “century of humiliation” to try to make China strong again. After decades of rapid economic growth, it is closer to achieving its ultimate goal than ever before.

“The Chinese people, who started from the new times, for so long, have achieved a huge transformation. He got up, got rich and became stronger. It has come to cover the bright prospects of rejuvenation, ”said Sin in his speech at the 2017 party congress.

The question is, what would China’s rejuvenation mean for the rest of the world? Is it a stimulus for global economic growth, the world’s largest consumer market, a source of investment for other countries? A military-industrial threat that will upset the smaller neighbors, steal the technology? Will its success encourage some other countries to pursue authoritarian governments and withdraw from American-sponsored democracy?

“China has the wind behind it as it moves toward greater power positions, ultimately in their balance of power,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Energy Project at the International Center for Strategic Planning. Studies “And this is a huge challenge for the Biden administration.”

Biden and his deputies have taken a hard line on China. In a recent speech, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called China “the only country that has the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power that poses a serious challenge to a stable, open international system in which all the rules, values, and relations that govern the world work.” :

Public stance may give way to diplomacy, but China’s ultimate goal of becoming a technology leader or expanding its maritime space in the South China Sea is unwavering. As America fights the recession, China and its leaders become more confident in rejuvenating it.


The Greater China News Director of the Associated Press has been covering Asia for more than 15 years.


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