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Analysis. Choosing Medina Spirit in Preakness is a thrilling game

This week’s talk was about how Medina Spirit ran a sensational race in the Kentucky Derby, admiring how the story of horse pieces for wealth is just the kind of fairy tale that the world needs in times of cruelty.

Instead, the discussions are about pictograms.

So far, Medina Spirit is the winner of the Kentucky Derby, two weeks ahead of the rest at Churchill Downs. After the race, a drug test showed that the torch contained a small amount of 21 picograms per milliliter of blood in its system, more precisely, the steroid betamethasone.

Here’s what it means to bet now. Absolutely no one knows the past performances of Medina Spirit. Data that will be delayed over time before people can cash in on Preakness Stakes at Pimlico on Saturday at the same playing field. with other horses of those breeds.

The race is always a puppy. This Preakness is more than usual with even one.

On paper, Medina Spirit had to be good enough to be close enough to the leader in Saturday’s race, which at one point probably came in as the favorite. he was placed as the 9-5 top pick by the oddsmakers in the morning before slipping into the Midnight Bourbon bets on Friday afternoon. If Medina Spirit approaches the leader from the beginning, it probably means that the horse, which has finished no more than the second in all six races of its life, has finished the second.

The thing is, no one knows anymore. For Medina Spirit’s Hall of Fame coach Bob Buffert, the latest doping mess is sure to be for riders who doubt how good a horse is.

The smart game is to look elsewhere, there are options.

Start with the other two horses brought from the Kentucky Derby for Preakness. Midnight Bourbon (sixth after being eliminated 13-1) և Keepmeinmind (seventh 49-1). The mere fact that they are both at Pimlico means that their connections suggest that they are not only out of the Derby voice, but appreciate the great chances here, even during a short break. These are good signs.

Next, look at those who were supposedly targeted towards Preakness. Slightly shocked Crowded trade (10-1 line in the morning), Rombauer (12-1), Reckless honor (15-1), Risk taking (15-1) և Concert tour (5-2). The concert tour, like the Medina Spirit, takes you out of the Buffert barn. There’s a lot to like, especially the addition of Mike Smith driving, but there’s a real chance he’ll use a bunch of speed to avoid the number 10 message.

There is a Japanese courier who is almost completely unknown at France Go de Ina (lines 20-1 in the morning), a horse that will be easy to ignore until one wonders why he was sent to Pimlico, if his confidence is greater, than he is ready to compete.

And maybe there is an emotionally good story there, the legendary D. Wayne Lucas sent Rami (30-1 in the morning) to the pitch. On the contrary, Ram’s father is an American pharaoh, և the horse won from the starting line. On the negative side, he needed nine attempts to break his virginity; to open that career, he was hit 78 times in those eight less defeats. It should be noted that Ram was betting 12-1 on Friday afternoon, so someone obviously likes him.

On paper, all things are equal. The five horses that jump off the page are considered real contenders: Medina Spirit, Crowded Shopping, Midnight Bourbon, Risk Taking, and Concert Tour.

Midnight Bourbon, now a potential Preakness favorite, should have been closer to the early lead of the Kentucky Derby. It did not happen, և his opportunities mostly evaporated right there. If it is corrected on Saturday, he wins like the wind. Crowded late workouts seem like a real threat, Risk Taking could scare some bets after its inconsolable display at the Wood Memorial last month, and the Concert Tour has a few super performances on its resume, but numbers do not say it prefers is the right way?

It would take a terrible effort to keep Medina Spirit out of the mess. The only question is whether he is real or not.

Elections. Midnight Bourbon on a crowded mall, Medina Spirit Keep Flying Keepmeinmind at the end to fill the supercomputer.


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