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An investigation is underway after the release of a cargo ship in the Suez Canal

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SUEZE, Egypt (AP) – Experts boarded a huge container ship stranded on the side of the Suez Canal on Tuesday before being relocated as questions surfaced about the rationale for a shock to the global freight industry. the most vital waterways in the world.

Ever Given was safely anchored in the Great Bitter Lake on Tuesday, a wide section of water from the north-south end of the canal, after rescue teams finally managed to finally release the skyscraper-sized ship on Monday afternoon. The shipwreck stopped billions of dollars a day in maritime trade.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the senior Al Can pilot, speaking on condition of anonymity because he had no authority to speak to reporters, said that experts were looking for signs of damage and were trying to find out the cause of the ship’s foundation.

He said that without elaborating, the engineers were also studying the engines of a Japanese-owned Panama-flagged ship transporting it from Asia to Europe to determine when it could sail directly to the Netherlands.

The containers were seen from the city of Suez, sailing north of the pipeline. The Suez Canal service provider Leth Agence said more than 30 ships awaiting the release of Ever Give had already left the canal for the Red Sea as the waterway opened for navigation at 6pm on Monday evening.

As of Tuesday morning, more than 300 ships were waiting at both ends of the Suez Canal և in the Great Bitter Lake for permission to continue navigating to their destinations, Leth reports.

The head of the Suez Canal, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, told reporters Monday that naval activity could return to its mid-level in four days to the base of the Ever Giver.

Shipowner Shoe Kisen said on Tuesday that it would be part of the investigation along with other parties, although they did not know their names. It also refused to discuss the possible causes of the accident, including the alleged high speed and other errors, saying it could not comment on the ongoing investigation.

The company added that it is assumed that any damage to the ship is mainly on the ground. Shoei Kisen said it was not immediately clear whether the ship would be repaired in Egypt or elsewhere, or whether it would eventually return to its original destination of Rotterdam. It is not the ship’s owner who decides, but its operator, the company says.

On Monday, tugboats, assisted by a tide, shattered the arched bow of Ever Given from the sandy shore of the canal, where it had been firmly stationed since March 23. The rioters blossomed their horns, rejoicing as they led the given Ever. water after days of uselessness that has taken over the world, provoking attention and mocking social media.

Analysts expect it will take at least 10 days to clear the congestion at both ends of the Suez Canal.

Ever Given crashed on the shores of a single canal about 6 miles (3.7 miles) north of the southern entrance to the city of Suez. This created a massive bottleneck that kept the $ 9 billion a day in global trade and tight supply chains already plagued by the coronavirus epidemic.

At least 367 vessels carrying crude oil to cattle were stranded waiting to cross the canal. Dozens of others have traveled long distances around Cape of Hope in the southern tip of Africa. A 5,000-kilometer (3,100-mile) detour that costs ships hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel and other expenses.

The Al Canal is a source of national pride for Egypt և a decisive source of income և President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi praised Monday after days of silence over the blockade.

“Egyptians have managed to end the crisis,” he wrote on Facebook, “despite the enormous technical complexity.”

The crisis around Ever Given has focused on a potential trade route that accounts for more than 10% of world trade, including 7% of world oil. More than 19,000 vessels carrying Chinese-made consumer goods բարել millions of barrels of oil և liquefied natural gas flow from the Middle East սի Asia to Europe և North America.

The unprecedented downturn, fueled by fears of long delays by consumers, shortages of goods and rising costs, has raised new questions about the global supply-demand supply industry, which is under epidemic pressure.


Associated Press writer Marie Yamaguchi from Tokyo contributed to this report.

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