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Amazon shipping drivers mock the company’s claim that its employees do not breathe in bottles

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Amazon sparked ridicule when it pushed social media against claims that employees were urinating on bottles because they were being pressured to skip toilet breaks in pursuit of the company’s productivity goals.

The scandal erupted on Wednesday when Amazon’s official Twitter account jumped to the defense of Dave Clark, the company’s retailer, who opened fire, saying that Amazon’s $ 15 minimum wage made it “employer Bernie Sanders”.

“Paying employees $ 15 / hour does not make you a ‘progressive workplace’ when you are in a trade union, forcing workers to urinate in bottles of water,” said Mark Pocan, the US spokesman for Twitter.

“You really don’t believe in bottling.” Amazon’s official Twitter account responded: “If it were true, no one would work for us.”

In interviews on social media, the drivers who delivered Amazon packages said that the company’s claim did not correspond to their reality. In trials, books, and media reports, drivers have repeatedly said that they urinate in bottles, bushes, and coffee cups because of the number of packages they need, or otherwise stopping them from finding a toilet.

“I bought Shewee և to breathe in bottles,” said Sosa Koolson, a former Everett driver, in an interview, referring to a funnel-like urinary device. On exceptionally busy days, he said: “I peeled off my work pants.”

Drivers are expected to regularly deliver up to 300 packages in 10-hour shifts, a routine that in 2017 According to the lawsuit against Amazon, the state of Washington has left drivers little time to take legal breaks. Amazon և shipping կապ contractors recently settled the lawsuit for $ 8.2 million.

“The lack of leisure breaks was part of the culture of Amazon shipping drivers,” said Seattle driver Henry Abreu in court. “It simply came to our notice then. Amazon instructed us to ship a certain number of packages that we were required to ship within the time frame provided by Amazon և according to Amazon instructions.

“If we had not completed the deadline,” he said, “Amazon would have given us negative reviews.” Abreu, who shipped to Amazon from 2015 to 2016, said he urinated in a bottle he kept in the van during a shipment because he did not have time to use the toilet.

Reports of bottle-feeding by Amazon’s suppliers and its warehouse staff are presented in The Guardian և Business Insider, as well as և by journalist James Ames Bladworth in 2018.

One of Amazon’s defenses against these claims was that the company did not work directly with many of the drivers that shipped Amazon packages.

Although they wear Amazon uniforms and drive trucks under its own brand, most of the American drivers who order on Amazon probably work for one of the nearly 2,000 third-party shipping services that Amazon has signed to deliver its packages to customers. for: Everyone says that more than 400,000 contract or self-employed drivers ship products to Amazon.

The plaintiffs ‘plaintiffs’ attorneys argued that the trade giant nevertheless defined the working conditions of the drivers.

“It’s a pretty fun game that Amazon is going through,” said former driver Mark Eddie, who lives in the Amazon Everett warehouse. “Amazon has the last word on hiring and hiring. Amazon set our standards. Amazon has defined our routes. At one point, Amazon was loading our vans for us. But we were constantly told that we were not Amazon employees. ”

Eddie said he urinated in bottles, although he knew the drivers who did it. But during his shift, he was expected to deliver so many packages that he said he often did not have time to go to the bathroom, looking for bushes along the way.

On his first day at work, the driver told him to always stop at unlocked docks on construction sites, “because if you don’t use it, you will never make it.” In “really urgent” situations, he said, other drivers advised him to open the door and stand on the running board so that urine could leak out of the car. “They will think you have a refrigerant leak.”

Edin ոլ Coolson shook areas known as mottled spots, including the wooded patch near the Snohomish River bend and the Marysville well.

On Thursday, employees of social media groups told Amazon warehouse workers աշխատ delivery drivers about cases where they had to make a bottle of pepper.

“We should all tweet our piss bottles to Amazon,” one wrote.

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