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Amazon is pushing to vaccinate thousands of its warehouse employees in Washington state

On Monday, there was not enough air at Amazon’s first COVID-19 vaccine clinic for its warehousing and delivery staff in Washington state.

In a muffled consulting room on the floor of a company warehouse in Kent, in a room decorated with balloons and filters, smiling workers raised their hands, showing off their new Band-Aids, and photos of themselves against a selfie wall. “I was vaccinated,” read a mass display of balloons on the way out of the clinic.

“At first I was hesitant to take the shot,” said Alex Ivanov, Amazon’s senior surgery manager, who was vaccinated at the clinic on Monday. Ivanov said he was nervous that the vaccine was allowed for emergency use until it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but as he watched friends and family get their shots without any bad consequences, he decided to join them.

In addition, he said that he is looking forward to his parents for the first time before the epidemic in St. Petersburg, Russia. “It simply came to our notice then. “If it were not for it, I would not do it,” he said.

At the end of the clinic on Saturday, the company aims to give the first shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to thousands of warehouses, contractors, and their families in Washington. A second vaccine clinic will open at the Spokane warehouse on Tuesday, followed by additional vaccination options at other Amazon facilities, said company spokeswoman Karen Riley Sawyer.

The clinics are fulfilling Amazon’s goal, which was expressed last year as Governor’s Insay’s vaccination of its frontline employees as soon as they became eligible. Amazon’s vaccination efforts in the Midwest last month are also a disgrace to Amazon critics who have criticized what they have described as inadequate security precautions for the company over the past year.

During the Pan-Armenian epidemic, the experience of Amazon employees emerged as a symbol of various realities for the company’s և warehouse employees over the past year. Tens of thousands of Amazon corporate employees have been allowed to work from home for more than a year, և the cost of their compensation packages rises as Amazon stock prices rise.

Meanwhile, the company’s approximately 1 million warehouse workers around the world were still expected to report to their facilities, where the workload increased even in virus-free communities.

As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus on Amazon intensified, warehouse workers stopped going to work en masse. The company withdrew COVID-19 benefits for warehouse workers, including payroll payments and unlimited sick leave. (Amazon said its employees became infected with the virus at or below the national average, so it was unclear whether its infected workers became infected at work or in their communities).

Amazon, like many companies, did what its critics would later see as gross mistakes when it came to adhering to rapidly evolving public health guidelines during the pre-epidemic attack. Initially, staff said they were required to stay just 3 feet away; they were not screened for coronavirus symptoms before starting their shift. The new recruits described being wrapped up in small rooms to fill out paperwork as Amazon launched one of the largest leases in U.S. history, moving more than 400,000 employees in 10 months to meet demand for online shopping juice juices.

The outrage over Amazon’s response to the virus sparked an unprecedented wave of organization among Amazon employees in Seattle, New York, Michigan, Germany, Italy, and, in particular, Alabama, the site of a rare, high-profile union. The effort ended in defeat after a failed vote count this month, although a union representing Amazon employees disputed the election results, citing Amazon’s misconduct.

Over the summer, many warehouse employees say Amazon has made major changes to its security protocols to better protect employees from the coronavirus.

The anger at the beginning of the epidemic that Amazon employees had to go to work, where they got sick while transporting sex toys, has largely faded.

Still, warehouse staff, including at the Kent facility, say persistent shock notifications that their partners have tested positive for coronavirus continue to reach their e-mail. In the mailboxes. Last month, Amazon was forced to close its warehouse outside of Toronto as cases grew there.

Some of Amazon’s health և safety measures were evident at the clinic on Monday, where signs with the evasive Sasquatch picture reminded employees to spread the word. “Social Distance Specialist – If Bigfoot can keep 6 feet, so can you.” One of the workers in the Plexiglas pavilion remotely checked the temperature of the clinic attendees when they entered the building.

Soft jazz was played inside the clinic, which took place in a Seattle grunge band called Candlebox, which featured 14 principles of Amazon leadership. Pharmacists pushed the rotating vaccine cart from Walgreens along with a line of Amazon և co-workers who had signed up to receive their shots.

Alfonzia Bell, who worked at the Kent warehouse for five years, said she was “really excited” when she received the vaccine at the clinic on Monday afternoon. As soon as he was fully vaccinated, he said he wanted to “drive a long car, go to a hotel room,” maybe in Ocean Shores or San Juans, “և just like that,” he mimicked opening windows, sighing, and smiling. , “Relax”



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