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Amazon is expanding your hands-on technology into Seattle-area Whole Foods stores

As of Wednesday, customers at Whole Foods in the Capitol Hill area of ​​Seattle can pay for their groceries with their palms.

Amazon, which acquired the grocery chain in 2017, has installed Amazon One palm scanners on Broadway և Madison Avenue. The company plans to expand its unprotected technology to seven additional Whole Foods stores in Seattle in the coming months, wrote Amazon physical retail CEO Dilip Kumar in a blog post.

Amazon, often used by Seattle as a lab to test technology, unveiled a scanner at two Amazon Go stores in South Lake City in the fall. Since then, they have also been installed in 10 Amazon stores in Seattle, including Amazon Go Grocery in Redmond, Amazon Books in University Village, and the Amazon 4-Star Southcenter.

So far, thousands of customers have registered to use the terminals, Kumar said. Users register by scanning their bank, connecting it to a credit card or Amazon account, and then scanning their bank again to pay. Their biometric payment profile tracks every store with Amazon One cashiers.

Although Amazon is the only company to use a palm scanner to date, the company plans to market Amazon One technology to other retailers, which could make Amazon accessible to its online shopping habits.

At the same time, advocates of civil liberties have raised concerns about the expansion of biometric data collection, saying it raises privacy issues.


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