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Amazon is expanding its use of face recognition police

NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon said on Tuesday it would lift a ban on police using facial recognition technology after a one-year hiatus was announced last year.

Amazon և Other tech companies have come under pressure from civil rights activists and their own employees to stop selling face recognition systems to law enforcement. One concern is that technology could misidentify people with darker skin, which Amazon has denied.

At least seven states have already imposed restrictions restricting the use of technology by the government, and several other countries are considering bills.

Last June, Amazon announced that it was ending the use of facial recognition technology by police, a move that is focusing on nationwide racial injustice in the United States, focusing on Floyd, a black man who died posthumously. The white policeman knelt down.

Microsoft և IBM stopped selling their software to the police at the same time last year, although most police departments turn to lesser-known companies for the technology.

Seattle-based Amazon.com Inc. did not say on Tuesday why the ban was extended or how long it would last.

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday applauded Amazon for extending its moratorium. But it added that “the Biden administration’s legislature must continue to protect communities from the dangers of this technology by completely stopping its use by law enforcement, regardless of which company sells it.” ______

Matt O’Brien, an AP Technology writer in Providence, Rhode Island, also contributed to this report.


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