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Amazon Healthcare, which sends doctors to your doorstep, extends to employers in other Washington states

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On Wednesday, the company announced that Amazon would begin offering Amazon Care, a health service that launched last year as a pilot program for its Seattle employees. By summer, Amazon Care will be available across Amazon and other private employers across the country.

Amazon Care includes a telehealth plan, prescription delivery, doctor appointments at patients’ homes, offices. Users pay for advice և medication through Amazon.com.

For months, Amazon Care has been quietly documenting what allows you to do business outside of Washington. Last year, there were rumors that Amazon had hired companies to sign up for Amazon Care, including Seattle-based Zillow. (Ill’s later said that nothing came of the discussion.)

Amazon has long pursued the $ 3.8 trillion medical sector, partially reducing its health care costs, which are nearly $ 800,000 in the United States. But entering the lucrative segment, which some say is overdue for digital conversion, could also pay big dividends for Amazon, which has a long history of well-established industry.

At the same time, consumer demand for telemedicine has increased since the epidemic began. As a result of the proliferation of virtual consultations, a number of recent mergers, acquisitions and new products in demand in the healthcare sector have begun.

“Making this available to other employers is a big step,” Amazon Care CEO Kristen Helton told The Associated Press. “Opportunity for other prospective employers is offered a service that helps bring high quality care, comfort հանգստ peace of mind.” Helton said the product is intended to supplement or supplement the existing coverage provided by the employer.

For now, only the virtual care component will be available to Amazon employees outside of Washington. “Second Headquarters” in Arlington, V. V., In the coming months, which will be followed by other cities. All Amazon employees in Washington state have access to Amazon Care since the expansion of the pilot program in September.

Amazon Care has been developed in the company’s Secret Ideas Lab, the Grand Challenge, which magnifies large ticket projects sponsored by Amazon’s management team, Business Insider reports. Other lunar shots of the Grand Challenge included finding a cure for cancer և common cold.

Information from the Associated Press was included in this report.


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