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Amazon expects employees to return to their offices by the fall

Amazon told employees in a company statement on Tuesday that it planned to “return to the office-centric culture as our core,” meaning that the Seattle-based giants were not going to embrace a hybrid workplace.

The dismissal is expected to end in the fall. Working in offices, the script says, “it allows us to invent, collaborate, and learn more effectively together.”

It seemed unbelievable that Amazon would allow employees to stay away from the office at all times. The company personally has a culture of cooperation within the “two pizza teams”. Groups small enough to feed two pizzas.

Amazon had previously set a June 30 return date for its office, but questions remained as to whether the company would allow some of its 60,000 Seattle office employees to continue working part-time from home.

Other companies, including Zillow and Microsoft, say the experience of working remotely during the epidemic has convinced them that employees do not need to work full-time in the office to work effectively.

Seattle-based Zillow announced last summer that it would allow its 5,400 employees across the country to work indefinitely.

Announcing the reopening of Microsoft Redmond University on his blog last week, Executive Vice President Kurt DelBene wrote that the company “aims to give employees more flexibility by allowing people to work where they feel most productive and comfortable, while encouraging employees to work.” from home because the virus և related versions remain a concern. ”

An Amazon spokeswoman did not immediately comment on whether the company would require vaccination of employees before returning to the office.

This is an evolving story, will it be updated?


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