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Amazon apologizes to Congressman for fake “squeezing” tweet

NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon apologizes for posting tweets about the breakup.

The company apologized in a blog post sent to the congressman more than a week ago late Friday, denying that its employees work so hard that they have to urinate in empty water bottles. It also acknowledged that some delivery drivers may have to urinate in bottles, and promised to improve their working conditions.

The first to speak about this was Mark Pokan, a representative of the US state of Wisconsin, on March 24, who responded to the tweet of the Amazon executive, which said that the company is a progressive workplace.

“Paying employees $ 15 / hour does not make you an ‘advanced workplace’ when you are in a trade union, forcing employees to urinate with bottles of water,” Pocan tweeted.

Amazon responded: “Do you really not believe in bottling?” If it were true, no one would work for us. ”

In a blog post Friday night, Amazon apologized to Pocan for admitting that shipping drivers “may have trouble finding toilets because of on-the-go or sometimes rural routes.” The online shopping giant says COVID-19 has made matters worse as many public restrooms are closed.

“Sigh,” Pocan replied in a tweet Saturday morning. “This is not about me, it’s about your employees, with whom you do not treat them with enough respect or dignity.”

Amazon wrote in its blog that bottled urine is a problem in the industry. To prove its point, it shared links to drivers of other news companies who had to do so.

“Regardless of the fact that this is an industry, we would like to address it,” the company said. “We do not know yet how, but we will look for solutions.”

Amazon’s attitude toward employees has been a hot topic recently as it faced the biggest trade union pressure in its history in an Alabama warehouse. There, the organizers demand more time, better pay, and many complain about the 10-hour workday, which includes only two 30-minute breaks.

Seattle-based Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.


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