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Almost perfect. Rodon is in ninth place after HBP

CHICAGO (AP) – On Wednesday night, Carlos Rodon threw the second straight shot of the young baseball season, losing his perfect match on a hit shot in ninth place, with the Chicago White Sox winning 8-0 over the Cleveland Indians.

His left hand retired his first 25 strokes before he was 0. He slid Roberto Perez on his back with 2 sleds. An incredible Rhodes looked almost puzzled as Perez made his way to the first.

Rodon regained his composure in time to hit Yu Chang, who was watching retired worm Luplow fall to the ground for a third, starting a happy holiday. The crowd of 7,148 rejoiced as Rodon (2-0) jumped to the ground with his teammates and then began to share hugs.

It was the White Sox’s first stoppage time since Lucas ol Olito played on August 25 last year against No. 20 in the history of Pittsburgh franchises, second in the league with the Los Angeles Dodgers (23).

Rodon’s gem came just five days after Masrove banned throwing his hometown of Padres, Texas, the first stop in the club’s history. San Diego was the only major league franchise without a hitch.

Fast-paced in short numbers, and on a chilly Chicago night buttoned shirt, Rodon threw 75 of his 114 pitches for shots. For the 2014 amateur conscription from the state of North Carolina, he took 3rd place in the 7th, during the end of his first career, in the second full game.

Rodón և White Sox’s closest call came when osh osh Naylor took the ninth with a slow jump. The first support, Jose Abreu, took it and put his toe on the bag just before sliding Naylor.

After the video call, the call stopped, making the crowd happy.

The temperature during the game was 45 degrees, and many of the other players were long. But the cold did not seem to bother Rodon at all.

He was in control from the beginning. Franmil Reyes saw eight pitches leading the fifth, but came back third with a 2-2 lead. The crowd cheered as Jose Ramirez drew 3-1 to reach the final of the seventh game.

“He kind of put pressure on us,” said Terry Francona, India’s manager. “When he ‘s good, he’ s getting stronger as the game goes on. ‘ “He got into the rhythm, he just got stronger as the game went on.”

Rodon was helped by the first step of the six races, which included another long ride of newcomer Yermin Mercedes, which was one of the biggest surprises of baseball at the start of the season.

One of the runners in the corners, the Mercedes turned on Zach Plesac’s fast ball, drove it 431 feet to go to his third home. He went from 3 to 5 to get his battery average to .500 (19 for 38).

Lay Garcia hit the RBI, ում scoring in Nick Madrigal’s single, before Francona knocked out Plesak (1-2). It was the shortest start to Plezac’s career.


Indians. Perez was in the starting lineup a day later when he assembled on the 10th move with the soothing James Ames Karanchak և and finished holding the pitch with his hand. “I checked with him this morning and the coaches with him. “She is OK,” said Francois.

White Sox. RHP Dylan Cease appeared on the injury list and RHP Zack Burdi was recalled from the team’s alternative website. The suspension has some symptoms associated with COVID-19, but CEO Rick Hahn says the pitcher did not work. The team is working out a plan if Pause is unable to leave Boston on Friday. Adam OF Adam Engel (right-wing tension) believes he can return to the team’s next home run, which starts on 23 April. Engel was injured during spring training and had a relapse during recovery, but he said he felt much better. “Making really good progress,” he said. “Now I have had some really good days in a row.”


On Thursday afternoon, right-handed Aaron Sival and Lance Lynn appeared in the final of the series. Sivale (2-0, 2.45 era) threw a 7 2/3 three-pointer into the 11-3 victory over Cleveland Detroit on Saturday. Lynn (1-0, 0.00 ERA) is coming out of the end of his second career in the previous 11-0 victory over Kansas City Chicago 11. With a score of 11.


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