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Alan Griffin from Syracuse to enter the NBA paradise

Syracuse, New York (AP) – Syracuse junior striker Alan Griffin is entering the NBA project.

Griffin announced in a video posted on Instagram on Friday that featured his father, Adrian, who spent a decade in the NBA as a player and is now the assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors.

“You have all the tools and talent to be an NBA player,” Adrian Griffin said in the video. “But talent alone does not get you there.”

Although he did not give details, Alan Griffin is expected to hire an agent.

Griffin moved to Syracuse after two seasons in Illinois. The 6-foot-5 teenager was third last season with Orange, scoring 13.3 points per game. He finished second on the list of top scorers with 5.8 points, leading the team with 46 blocks, which added to the game’s added savings in a home game against Buffalo in December.

He was in the starting lineup of all the “oranges”, except for one game. He converted 36.1% beyond the bow, second in the team to Buddy Boyheim, he led the “oranges” in free throw – 89.7%.

Griffin experienced a decline at the critical moment at the end of the season. He was 13-1, scoring just eight points in his last four Orange games, the last three of the NCAA tournament, as coach Bo im Boyheim changed his squad. Griffin averaged 29.3 minutes per game, but only played 51 minutes during that four-game period.


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