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Again, Syracuse prepares Sweet 16 as a two-digit seed

For the third time since 2016, Syracuse goes to Sweet 16 as a double-digit seed.

In all, nine double-digit seeds reached the regional semifinals during that period, so Orange accounted for one-third of them.

Oral Roberts, 15th, and Oregon, 12th, joined the list on Sunday.

Syracuse coach Jim im Boyheim once again had his first weekend after barely qualifying for the NCAA. After knocking out the state of San Diego in the first round, Orange closes the third place in West Virginia.

“It is difficult to prepare Sweet 16. Look around. “Look at the teams that are left out,” said Boyheim. “When I started training, we thought you should do it. I think we went to 14 or 15 Sweet 16s, չեմ some of them I do not even think we celebrated. … But it is very difficult. There are so many good teams. ”

Oral Roberts bounced back from his Ohio riot with a victory over Florida, and Oregon ousted Oklahoma.

Here are the six double-digit seeds that Sweet 16 prepared in 2016-19.

2016 SYRACUSE (No 10 seeds)

Orange exploded on Dayton, then took a break when Middle Tennessee, which was in the 15th bargain, sent it to Michigan in the first round. That made the Sweet 16 way easier, with Syracuse actually reaching the quarterfinals, defeating Gonzaga’s top Virginia.

2016 GON Z AGA (No 11 seeds)

The Bulldogs beat Seton Hall և Utah 39-60, beating Syracuse 63-60 in Sweet 16

2017 XAVIER (No 11 seeds)

In the first two rounds, the Musketeers defeated Maryland, Florida, and then finished second to Arizona 73-71, when Javier closed the game 9-0. Xavier’s run ended in a regional final, losing 83-59 to Gonzaga.

2018 LOYOLA CHICAGO (No. 11 seed)

The Ramblers won their first three games of the tournament with four points combined, including a 69-68 victory over Nevada in Sweet 16. Then, Loyola defeated Kansas by 16 to reach the quarterfinals. The race was finally over when Michigan beat the Ramblers in the national semifinals.

2018 SYRACUSE (No 11 seeds)

This time the Boeheim team had to start in the top four, but there Orange won, then went to Detroit, where they shocked both Texas Christian and Michigan. Syracuse lost to Duke 69-65 in Sweet 16.

2019 OREGON (No 12 seeds)

The Ducks beat Wisconsin and then 13th-placed UC Irvine to make it Sweet 16. Then they gave the final champion Virginia a tough fight, but fell 53-49.


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