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After the first run, the slalom is led by US skier Shifrin, in the 27th by Vlhova

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ÅRE, Sweden (AP) – Mikaela Schiffrin led the women’s World Cup slalom after Saturday’s opening game, while US main rival Petra Vlhova qualified for the final only after a costly mistake.

The Slovakian who won the same race on Friday was 2.95 seconds behind in 27th place. Only the top 30 are allowed to start in the second round.

After the fifth goal, Vlhova lost her balance; her left leg needed acrobatic recovery in the air to pass to the next goal correctly. During the first split, he was already 1.97 seconds behind Shifrin.

Prior to the race, Vlhova led Schiffer with 85 points in the disciplinary standings, and the title is now being decided in the final slalom of the season, next week in the Swiss final.

Schiffrin, who turned 26 on Saturday, scored a clean sheet for the 70th victory of his career. The American was led by the world champion from Austria Katarina Lensberg with 0.19 seconds.

If Schiffrin had won his 46th slalom victory of his career, he would have set a World Cup record. Only one skier, a woman or a woman, has won the same category of competitions in one discipline. In the 1970s and 1980s, Ingemar Stenmark won the giant slalom 46 times.

German Lena Durr was 0.68 points behind the third, and Swiss skier Wendy Holder was the only other rider to finish second.

Another Swiss skier, Melanie Meylar, quarantined COVID-19 after competing in a race on Friday.

His teammates were allowed to start Saturday after their tests came back negative in the early morning.


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