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After months of almost complete blockade, Britain begins to reopen

The beginning of the end of the British blockade, which is one of the longest աշխարհում strict requirements in the world, came at a pinto tavern.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, several selected UK institutions delivered their first drinks since the forced closure in January, առաջին the first of a three-year national blockade to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Late in the morning, thousands of gyms, gyms and retail stores opened their doors for the first time in months, blocking long frozen streets in animated form.

Thousands more taverns resumed operations in the afternoon. Friends reunited, families dined together for the first time in months in an open-air cafe;

“It’s like being out of jail,” said Kate Asani. She and her two friends, Maria Ramsakova and Dezlin Vergotin, sat at a small garden table at Carlton Inn in the Kilburn district of London, making friends as much as possible.

After months of isolation, he was not so sure that he remembered how to be with others. “I was so nervous on the train,” he said. “What am I wearing?” What do I say? It’s been so long. “

With the return of one of Britain’s most dedicated institutions, even if pubs were restricted to open-air services, the country took its first major step toward a phased reopening scheduled for June 21 when the government said it hoped to lift almost all of Britain’s restrictions. Scotland and Wales are lagging behind Northern Ireland with separate but similar schedules, according to which some of the restrictions eased in England on Monday will remain in place for a long time.

In England, the moment was greeted with enthusiasm born of more than a year of deprivation, as the once-unthinkable notion of being drafted into a government decision has become a way of life.

Prime Minister Boris John Onson called it “a great step towards freedom on our roadmap.”

In the first weeks of the global health crisis, when the World Health Organization was still discussing calling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, a new word entered the popular vocabulary.

Lockdown in English. Cont spum: French. Imprisonment in Spanish But the first came Fengcheng: In China, it literally means to close the city.

As images of China’s Wuhan ghost streets began to grapple with the world, it became clear that the virus did not respect national borders, and the question arose as to whether Western democracies could or should resort to such extreme measures. ,

As hospitals battled patient outbreaks, the death toll rose, and the debate overcame the fact that traditional methods of communicable disease control, such as testing and communication, had failed.

Britain, which lasted longer than many of its European neighbors, entered its first national blockade on March 26, 2020.

Since then, the blockade has meant many things to many people, as often as dictated by individual circumstances and risk assessments, as well as government decisions.

Although no country has aligned itself with China’s draconian means, liberal democracies have been working for a year to balance economic, political, and public health issues.

Last spring, that meant most of the world was alike, with about 4 billion people, half of humanity, living in a certain order of staying at home.

A year later, national approaches to the virus are very different. And no region has relied as much on blockades as Europe has.

Although it is difficult to compare the blockade, researchers at the Blavatnik School of Management at Oxford University have developed a system that classifies the severity of the rules. They found that Britain had spent 175 days at its “maximum level”.

“In this sense, we can say that the UK is globally unique in spending the longest period at a very high level,” said Thomas Hale, Associate Professor of Global Public Policy at Oxford.

Throughout the epidemic, it was difficult to judge how long the good news could last. But for now, the help was tangible.

Even the cold of winter on Monday morning could not keep people inside. After so many false dawns, there was a widespread hope that this time he would not be back!


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