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After breaking the ball quickly, the jaw broke for Rangers’ “Kalhun”

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Willie Calhoun knew it felt good to face the jars in his left hand again after he missed the ball at the beginning of spring training.

The Texas Rangers midfielder was not crushed and escaped from the box of dough. There was no turning back last March when he remembers waking up in the hospital, but not the moment of a spring training game when a fast ball hit the left-footed striker in the face and broke his jaw.

“I was like, well, now I really feel good,” Kalhun said on Thursday. “I think the curve ball kind of got me back there because it looked like it was going to hit me, but I was able to stay through it. “I hit it on the barrel, it was just rough.”

After taking his first step against MacKenzie Gore in San Diego on Thursday, Calhoun faced left-handers in all three of their games this spring. He has one or two steps in four such plates.

The following Monday, a year ago, Dodgers left-back Jul Julio Urias, a former teammate of his small league, threw the pitch that hit Kalhoun. (Los Angeles recruited Calhoun in 2015 as part of a deal to acquire Yu Darwish from Rangers after he was traded two years ago). The next day, after Kalhuni was taken to the hospital, a plate was surgically placed to stabilize his jaw.

It was only a few days ago when the MLB spring training was stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic արձր the start of the season was the end of July. Calhoun missed no regular season games due to a jaw, but did not play in the opening due to a thigh strain and later missed a month with a left fracture. In the shortened 60-game season, he played only 29 games, and out of 100 fighting bats – 0.190.

Although Kalhun averaged 0.368 on the left, he had only 19 shots (seven shots). And he never felt comfortable on the plate in the situations he already had this spring.

“I feel completely normal again,” he said. “Last year I would have escaped at high speeds on the pitch, I would have really jumped, I would not have really stayed there. Really, I really do not have that idea in my head anymore. So it is encouraging for me to feel that way. ”

Calhoun, 26, smiled and laughed at reporters as he made a small call from the Rangers Spring Training Complex in Surprise, Arizona. He said that one of his biggest goals in 2021 is to return to be himself and have fun. “That is when I am the best,” he said.

“He did a great job, not just physically, but mentally,” said manager Chris Woodward. “She had to clear her mind a little bit after what happened to her last year. He is in a good place now. “

Rangers idiot Gallo described Kalhun as “just smiling” անիկ happy when he arrived at the house they shared in Arizona this spring. After the All-Star season, which ended in injury in 2019, last year Gallo scored 10 goals in 181 games. He said that roommates motivate each other and hold each other accountable for maintaining a positive mindset.

“We are for each other, I want to see how he succeeds. “He’s a great kid,” said Gallo, who has played in each of the three games this spring. “The bats he now has against left-handers are unbelievable. To hit him in the face, to return a year later, to stand on the left side as he is … he does not get enough credit for that. “I’m really proud of him, the whole organization.”

After scoring 21 goals in 83 games in 2019 with խաղում 48 RBI, Calhoun moved on in the spring as the primary left-handed player was expected to hit the top third of the series as Texas sold out Delino Deschilds և Nomar Mazara. In the previous season, Kalhu was the target for 21 of his 29 games.

There is a lot of competition this spring after Rangers signed David Dale, a former All-Star striker who did not sign for Colorado, and acquired OF / DH Chris Davis in a trade that sent Elvis Andrews to Oakland.

“It would not be a normal spring training for me if I did not deal with something,” said Kalhun. “Last year was the first time I could just take a deep breath, I was like I was ready for a season. But then I hit him in the face. : I do not really try to look at this spring workout too differently. But I would definitely say that I am definitely more ready for it, I am excited about it. “


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