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After a gay man was targeted for a rainbow house idea, dozens of people helped him paint the colorful stripes.

Mykey O’Halloran finally saved enough money to buy a small beach house on the Australian island of Philippe, he would adjust the color scheme, which he thought was right for him.

A proud gay hairdresser whose Unicorn Manes salon specializes in rainbow-colored designs, O’Halloran has created hair that resembles tacos, cheeseburgers and fries. Thus, he realized that it makes sense to top down the lines of a beige, three-room summer house rainbow.

But after he moved home in February, several residents of the island community of 7,071 disagreed.

O’Halloran said that on the evening of March 16, he heard someone knocking on his door. “When he opened it, five angry people confronted him that he was going to paint his house in bright rainbow colors,” he said.

“They heard about it through a conversation with an artist who painted my kitchen,” said O’Haloran, 29. “They told me.” “Do not do that. Paint your house և see what happens, because the next time we meet, it will not be so good. ” «

“One of them said I would lose his house by $ 20,000 if I painted my house in ‘stupid’ colors,” he added.

The men shouted homophobic insults, O’Halloran said, and one of them threatened to kill him if he continued his rainbow project.

“I froze inside and thought I was going to get seriously injured,” he said.

O’Halloran said he told the men he did not feel comfortable talking to them and closed the door. Then he called the police. A Victorian police statement said a man had been charged with assault and death threats a few days later.

O’Halloran decided to share his disturbing experience on Facebook and other social media.

He wrote: “Last night I screamed to myself to sleep after so much intrusion, homophobia, and threat.”

O’Halloran wrote that he was not going to allow anyone to harass him during a trip to his island. He would continue to paint the house like a big rainbow.

Hundreds of people who read his post agreed, կամ they volunteered to help him draw.

“For every rat bag like it, the island has thousands of people who greet you,” one commenter commented.

“You paint your house, whatever colors you want. I’m very sorry that it happened to you. ” commented a woman from Pennsylvania.

Within a few days, O’Halloran had assembled a small army of volunteers, and the Dulux Painting Company donated 12 gallons of rainbow-colored home-made paint.

On April 18, more than 100 people, including several children, several home renovators, and several police officers, came to O’Haloran’s home to paint the house, deck, and fence in blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple for seven hours. արդ pink. One donor has eight surveillance cameras installed at O’Halloran’s home if someone threatens him again.

Hundreds of others donated about $ 7,750 to O’Halloran’s fundraiser this month, organized by local businesses this month to help the local Phillip Island Community համայն Learning Center.

“The positive response filled my heart with love, made me feel supported, not alone,” O’Haloran said. “People passed by to shake my hand, to greet me warmly.”

Linda Wilson, an adviser who lives on the island and supports the Rainbow Connect support group for the LGBTQ community, was among those who took the paint brush.

“When I heard about what happened to Mike, I felt I could be involved in ‘solidarity’ and supporting him,” said Wilson, 47.

“It simply came to our notice then [the house was painted]”Someone volunteered to feed everyone present with a barbecue,” he added.

“When I heard about the terrible reaction [Mykey] “I was standing there and I jumped at it with all my heart,” said Danny Slorach, 42, who runs a printing shop in Grantville, Australia, 25 miles from Philip Island. He designed the rainbow house logo և labels in support of the event.

“The day came from the love of life, from joy, from the finished house. Mykey will be unique, a representation of his rainbow soul,” he said. “So many people said they thought it would look awful, but now that they saw it, they were pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.”

O’Haloran could not contain his delight as the last bright coat of paint dried. He մյուս other members of the community hope to organize the first pride parade on the island.

“I know in my heart that I am a good person, I deserve to be included, accepted for how I want to live my life,” he said.

“My message now is not to let anyone get bored of your spark, always stay true to yourself.”


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