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“A year after the epidemic, DeWine is facing disgraceful political waters.”

COLOMBUS, Ohio (AP) – In early 2020, Ohio Gov. Mike Devine was working on plans to fight algae blooms on Lake Erie, drive a scattered car, and find a way to save the Ohio Junior League baseball team.

The first popular Republican governor in the first round accepted an invitation to give a speech at the University of Miami in May. The 2022 election was a long way off, but some Democrats were already exploring DeWine’s challenges.

Then came the first week of March, De thus DeWine’s decision, which laid the groundwork for a year-long policy that today seems to be something on the other side of Alice in Wonderland.

On March 3, without state COVID-19 cases, DeWine imposed severe restrictions on participation in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Sports Festival, founded three decades ago by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which typically brings 20,000 athletes from 80 countries to compete in professional events, including professional strong men’s competition. Annual economic impact on the city – more than $ 50 million.

“At least that’s the beginning of an epidemic,” DeWine said earlier this week. “It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year.”

Nine days later, the virus spread rapidly elsewhere, but with only five confirmed cases in Ohio, DeWine ordered schools closed for three weeks, becoming the first governor to do so. Shortly afterwards, gyms և theaters closed, followed by house orders across the country.

What followed was an amazing year of political turmoil for a career politician who many initially thought had met his moment. DeWine, which has held numerous state-federal positions, is now in 2022. He is threatening to be re-elected amid fierce criticism from Republicans whose party he has spent decades helping build.

DeWine’s crackdown on the virus has prompted him to be praised not only by public health professionals, but also by business groups and even restaurant owners who have come out of the shutdown, acknowledging that his actions could save lives.

Soon DeWine, Dr. Amy Eaton, Director of Health, and Lt. Col. Jon on Hust were a daily commute for many Ohio residents, and at 2pm, the Wine with DeWine was a day-to-day outbreak for people with an epidemic in Ohio. people. Acton became his popular hero, inspiring young girls to dress like doctors and conduct their living room briefings.

For some, the good mood did not last long. Democrats are suing after Acton, acting on DeWine’s orders, postponed the March 17 Ohio primary just hours before the start of voting, putting the state’s presidential election in chaos.

In April, DeWine withdrew its nationwide mask mandate a day after fierce opposition from Republican voters, including many businesses. While keeping the masks mandatory for business employees, he finally issued a state mandate in July, which remains in force.

On April 13, dozens of closed-door protesters shouted in front of the Statehouse Atrium, briefly knocking on its windows as reporters covered the governor’s daily briefing, which was moved to larger and larger areas to accommodate social distance rules.

With the rise in virus deaths and growing national divisions, Republican lawmakers have pushed back against the GOP governor’s public health orders with a number of bills, leaving Democrat lawmakers to defend Acton և DeWine. One of the lawmakers started a movement to impeach DeWine.

The 74-year-old man with the gray glasses persisted, focusing on conveying the status of an epidemic and raising the spirits of the state during his briefings. He praised ball teams, bands, schoolchildren, frontline staff, small business owners, brought First Lady Fran Devin to share recipes, parenting activities for their crazy kids, and tips for making a holiday mask. The first lady also went live on the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In June, it turned out that his strategy was working. DeWine’s approval rating rose 31 percentage points from a month earlier to 75% in a Quinnipiac University poll released that month. His coronavirus response was even higher at 77%. Moreover, those numbers, which crossed party lines, were an all-time high for any Ohio governor in all school voter polls dating back to 2007.

At the same time, however, Acton was content to abruptly resign, ending a barrage of conservative criticism of him, which included armed demonstrators in front of his Columbus suburban home. The 55-year-old is currently considering running for office next year as a Democrat in the US Senate.

His friendly virus specialist has disappeared, criticism has grown, and DeWine has stepped up its two-week briefings, July 15-November 10, with two introductory speeches in Ohio asking people to wear masks and socially stop to slow the spread of the virus.

At the same time, the far-right Conservative faction was getting more and more angry as the months passed. They refused to wear masks as recommended by DeWine ները Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They protested against stay-at-home orders, business closures, curfews and other security measures. Some GOP governors responded by opening up their states, leaving DeWine with an increasingly narrow-minded Republican club that wanted to pass some ongoing restrictions.

Less than a week after his November speech, DeWine found himself in a political upheaval when he was praised by Democratic nominee President Biden on the same day he was tweeted by former GOP President Donald Trump, who said that DeWine needs a priority challenge.

DeWine plans to be re-elected next year, և although no primary opponent has publicly stated, some critics of his viral response within the party want the way open for him to face the main GOP challenge. At the same time, this small baseball team has survived so far և DeWine continues to push for clean water ել distort driving.

DeWine vetoed the legal pressure of its health orders in early January, but today faces the same bill moving to its office.

As in the past 12 months, DeWine said last month that lawmakers need to focus on the bigger picture.

“What we need to make sure is to get it right is how the future governor, not Mike DeWine, the future governor can respond to the emergency,” he said.



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