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A transformed Champions League would increase revenue for everyone

EN NEV (AP) – Despite all the differences in their views on the Champions League in 2024, all parties can agree that earning more money is the inevitable way.

Speaking at an online Europa League meeting on Wednesday, UEFA Secretary-General Theodore Theodoridis said there would be a “significant increase” in broadcasting revenue if the new standard came into force.

UEFA supports the plan to create a tournament of 36 teams, adding four clubs from the current size. The proposal, backed by the influential European Club Association, calls on each team to play 10 matches in the first round, creating 12 new broadcasting zones exclusively for the Champions League starting on Wednesday. The tournament will also meet for the first time on Thursdays.

The group of 30 Europa League countries said on Wednesday that they would prefer the teams to play eight matches in the first round, creating 64 extra games instead of 100.

The Champions League currently splits nearly € 2 billion ($ 2.4 billion) between 32 clubs each season. More broadcast revenue should create more rewards for clubs.

“Whatever it is, we expect significant growth (income),” said Theodoridis.

UEFA hopes to receive approval for the program from its next convention on April 20.

A broad consensus has been reached since the end of negotiations in 2019 between clubs and leagues. UEFA has been in recent talks, reporting threats to split elite clubs to form their own Super League.

“We realize that this is an innovative and attractive offer,” said Aco Swart, Executive Director of the European Leagues, regarding the standings of 36 teams.

The UEFA offer guarantees 10 games for each of the 36 teams against 10 different opponents on a balanced schedule, based on the selection results. The current odometer consists of six group games against three opponents.

The top eight teams would advance to the round of 16. The next 16 teams would enter the two-game playoffs.

Clubs and leagues have not yet agreed on how to distribute the four extra records.

The ECA wants to save two places for UEFA top rated clubs or “odds” based on historical results. They can be upgraded from a second tier Europa League or a third tier Europa League. The European leagues want the champions in the middle-ranked leagues to be rewarded.

Promoting a club in the Champions League that did not qualify properly could cost € 50 million ($ 59 million). Aston Villa CEO Christian Perslow said at the meeting that “it was unfair, he just did not feel right.”

The European leagues also want UEFA to decide how to distribute the prize money while agreeing on a benchmark. They want to help break the fortune by distributing more than the current 4% of the UEFA prize money to clubs that do not qualify for European competitions.

Theodoridis said that UEFA plans to review the whole model of “solidarity” payments from 2024, and hopes to send more to clubs outside the richest countries.

On Monday, ECA President Andrea Agnelli praised the new size of the Champions League, considering it close to ideal. His club, the Italian “Juventus”, is among those who have long wanted to earn extra money from more games against top European clubs.

The Europa League group believes that the bigger Champions League can take revenue from its members տարածք calendar space, even though they seem to have protected rest schedules for themselves. Only the Champions League final was scheduled for the weekend, as has been the case since 2010.

Swart noted that UEFA aims to bring stability to European club competitions, to eliminate the possibility of the Super League for at least a decade.

UEFA’s offer will also become the Europa League, the Europa League, which starts next season with one tournament’s each. Each will have 32 teams playing six different opponents.


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