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A new vaccine delivery system is being launched in parts of California

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A new system of coronavirus vaccine delivery, tracking and scheduling is being implemented in constituencies in the state of California, the first step in Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to curb the smooth, segregated distribution of the national program. ,

Newsom announced last month that its administration had secured Blue Shield for insurance by designing a centralized management system to get doses quickly and fairly. He said the state also needed sound data to ensure the fair distribution of vaccines to reach low-income communities, mostly Latinos, which had been proportionately affected by the epidemic.

A preliminary list provided by the state shows that 10 states in central և Southern California have been selected to be the first to switch to the Blue Shield system this week, although one state said it would move later on Friday. While counties understand the goals, there is confusion about what changes will take place.

Kern County Public Health Director Brin Carrigan said he had been told that everyone had to make appointments from Sunday through the state vaccine registration system called My Turn. A spokesman for St. Agnes Medical Center in the Fresno area said he had no plans to change his schedule.

“It’s awful to give up a system that we’ve spent a lot of time on that works really well now,” Carrigan said. “Our hope is that there is not much fighting, it is going smoothly.”

Darrell Ng, a vaccine spokesman for the state Public Health Agency, declined to answer questions about what to expect during the transition. But he said the state and the Blue Shield “worked tirelessly to plan and implement the phased changes to make the vaccines more effective.” He said they would share more information next week.

Blue Shield spokesman Matthew Yin also declined to comment, saying on Saturday that they had “worked closely with public health officials, local health care providers and others” to address the epidemic. to overcome

California has used stadiums, arenas, fairs, and even Disneyland to build great shooting potential, but not much has been used because of the limited availability of vaccines. Residents were disappointed when the state first started vaccinating the general population in January, when 58 states, separate hospital systems, set their own rules about who could prescribe.

Although government officials have a clear idea of ​​what they want to do with the new system, they have provided little information about how counties and other suppliers are expected. And officials say they do not yet have answers to any questions they may have, including how to measure their capital, what their monthly equity target is, or even their entire network of suppliers.

He is confident that the counties will no longer be allowed to add other vaccines, as the state will use the Blue Shield to decide who will be filming.

Yolanda Richardson, a government official responsible for implementing the change, ran into questions and concerns at a meeting of the Community Advisory Committee last week. He said that the state has the experience դրա the relationship to find out.

“This is very important for us, very important for us to let it get out of our hands,” Richardson said.

Apart from Fresno և Kern, the other states in the starting group include Riverside, Kings, Imperial, Madeira, Mercedes, San Joaquin and Stanislaus. From March 3, another group will be added, which includes Los Angeles, which has a population of 10 million and about 40 million in California.

San Francisco is one of the counties that was added in mid-March, although the dates of each group և counties are subject to change.

Prado, head of health in Fresno County’s community health department, said his team had a good conversation with Blue Shield representatives and did not see the insurer stealing the county system. But there will be new indicators of governance, including the county’s ability to apply doses within a week, which Prado says will be easier when they receive a quarterly notice of how many shots are expected.

“Now, without any plan from the Blue Shield, nothing will change on Sunday,” he said.

Quickly, under a $ 15 million contract-free contract, Blue Shield charges a “nationwide vaccine network” to ensure fast delivery of the vaccine.

Among the requirements. Rural California residents should be able to reach the vaccine site within 60 minutes and urban residents within 30 minutes. People at home should get the vaccine at home. The government should be able to inject 3 million vaccines a week, depending on the supply. Now it does about 1.4 million.

Blue Shield should work with the state to develop an algorithm to determine how vaccines are delivered, և set incentive fees ողական executive, targeting suppliers faster, giving the right population doses. The government will also set targets for what percentage of vaccines are available to people living in low-income or otherwise vulnerable areas.

Some countries և suppliers are amazed at how Blue Shield և Kaiser Permanente Health Network, which has also been used to help, will play the trusting relationship needed to vaccinate Newsom vulnerable populations.

St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, a community health center that caters to black Latino residents in south-central Los Angeles, plans to launch three new vaccination sites and start vaccinating church worshipers.

“It seems that we have now raised our level, regions are getting vaccines, especially in larger countries, they are getting them in low-income colored communities,” said CEO Jim im Mangia. However, he said that “the incredible power of an unelected body like the ‘Blue Shield’ is disappointing,” says the Blue Shield.

Kaiser announced on Saturday that he would increase the distribution of vaccines to the elderly starting this week. CEO Greg Adams said California officials have increased the healthcare giant’s spending to fit more of its share of the state’s healthcare market.

Kaiser starts making appointments a few weeks in advance և starts giving vaccinations to 65 65 senior members.

Kerrigan said there are currently more than 90 vaccine providers with a population of 900,000, and his office does not say who will be covered by Blue Shield.

The county uses spreadsheets to track vaccinations, will continue to do so for people who already have appointments, for those who have received the first dose and are waiting for the second.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are ready. “We just need more supplies,” he said. “So making changes without a lot of explanation, without a lot of details is a little scary for us, to be honest.”


Thaksin reported from Orange County and Ronay reported from Sacramento.


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