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A more complete estimate puts the Oscars at 10.4 million viewers

NEW YORK (AP) – It may be a small consolation for the film academy, but Nielsen’s more complete estimate reached 10.4 million viewers at the Oscars on Tuesday.

The day before, according to Nielsen’s preliminary estimate, the Sunday show took place with 9.85 million viewers. In any case, this is a record low for an event that in the recent past usually reached more than 30 million people.

The Oscars were enough to win ABC’s prime-time ratings last week with an average of 4.1 million viewers. CBS had 3.8 million, NBC had 3.5 million, Fox had 2.7 million, Univision had 1.4 million, Telemundo had 1.03 million, and Ion Television had 970,000 and the CW 530,000.

Fox News Channel topped cable networks with an average of 2.23 million viewers. MSNBC had 1.45 million, HGTV had 1.29 million, TNT had 1.15 million and ESPN had 1.1 million.

ABC’s World News Tonight won an average of 8.1 million viewers in the evening news race last week. NBC Night News had 6.5 million viewers and CBS Evening News had 4.9 million viewers.

During the week of April 19-25, the 20 most watched programs in prime time, their networks and views.

1. “Oscars”, ABC, 10.4 million.

2. “60 minutes”, CBS, 7.19 million.

3. “Chicago Med”, NBC, 7.15 million.

4. “Young Sheldon”, CBS, 7.01 million.

5. “Chicago Fire”, NBC, 6.93 million.

6. “The Voice”, NBC, 6.42 million.

7. “NCIS”, CBS, 6.36 million.

8. “911”, Fox, 6.25 million.

9. “Chicago PD”, NBC, 5.89 million.

10. FBI, CBS, 5.71 million.

11. “911: Lonely Star”, Fox, 5.49 million.

12. “United States of Al”, CBS, 5.37 million.

13. “Resurrection”, CBS, 5.11 million.

14. “Masked Singer”, Fox, 5.08 million.

15. “Mother”, CBS, 5.04 million.

16. “Bob Hearts Abishola”, CBS, 4.93 million.

17. “Oscars. In the spotlight “, ABC, 4.84 million.

18. “Gray’s Anatomy”, ABC, 4.81 million.

19. Bull Bull, CBS, 4.69 million.

20. “Situation room. Shavin’s verdict “, CNN, 4.69 million.


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