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A major overhaul of the H-1B visa will be difficult if the immigration bill is broken

The increase in visas for highly skilled foreign workers could fall this year if Democrats decide to change immigration through a series of small bills rather than the council nominated by President Biden.

Biden’s immigration program plans to dramatically increase the number of green cards այլ expand other avenues for highly skilled workers, a welcome move by businessmen who have long sought to reform other H-1B visa programs.

But House Democrats are considering a partial approach to immigration that would make it a more popular way to help refugees, farm workers, and children smuggled into the United States without leverage to use more common means, such as raising skilled workers.

Technical leaders such as Facebook’s Mark Uck Uckberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai want Congress to expand and upgrade its H-1B visa system, as the demand for computer and information technology professionals is much higher than 65,000 a year. According to lawmakers, the reform, once backed by both sides, is now met with bipartisan skepticism.

And without a strong advocate on Capitol Hill, any such event could fluctuate if asked to stand alone rather than as part of a larger immigration package.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said it would be “quite difficult” to pass a visa reform for skilled workers during the economic crisis caused by the epidemic. And Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez, who introduced the Biden bill, says any other foreign worker visa will only be supported as part of a broader bill that includes documented immigration citizenship.

“I’m glad to see other things, but the main thing is how can I find those 11 million or parts of them on the route?” Menendez said. “So it can not be just high-tech visas, it can not be just for farmers.”

Senate Democrats have not focused on immigration strategies, jeopardizing reforms for highly skilled workers.

Support for H-1B visa expansion has been widely argued in Congress for many years, as both sides were interested in business interests.

Visas, which are often used in the technology industry, are available to employees with vocational training and advanced education. “Special Earnings” fashion models are also eligible under a separate category. But industries want the cover to be expanded, իրավունք Employees’ rights groups argue that tying visas to a particular employer harms employees.

The Democrat immigration bill proposed by Biden does not increase the annual increase in temporary employee visas. Instead, it is expanding the number of employment-based green cards, which advocates say will put pressure on guest staffing programs such as the H-1B visa.

Seattle-based Seattle-based Immigration Infinite Immigration Xiao Wang said the current system forces foreigners graduating from US colleges to leave the country with their new skills. It also creates confusion for skilled H-1B visa workers in India who face country-based restrictions for obtaining green cards.

Any increase in H-1B visas would be a tough sale in the current Congress, in the face of possible left-wing trade union opposition, a more arrogant right-wing stance և in an acidic economy that seems to bring in workers from abroad. voters.

Throughout his political career, Biden has supported trade unions, which are generally skeptical of temporary work visas.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka warned lawmakers not to support immigration bills, which “will expand programs that treat workers as disposable goods in our global economy.”

At the same time, Republicans are much less likely to support the growth of high-skilled immigration than in the past, as the party shifted from a largely pro-immigration to a more pro-immigration position, largely pro-business.

Last week, Trump’s senior adviser, Steven Miller, met with other conservative members of the House to oppose Biden’s immigration proposal, according to a source familiar with the matter. Trump opposed the majority of immigration as president, accepting restrictions that led to an increase in H-1B visa denial from 6% in 2015 to 29% in mid-2020, according to an analysis by the National Policy Foundation, a non-partisan think tank. Later they were completely stopped against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump also hit Biden on immigration in a speech at a Conservative political conference on Sunday, signaling that Republicans intend to continue their opposition.

Following the collapse of the Senate in 2007, Republicans split over to immigration. Later, GOP lawmakers, aligned with the anti-immigration Tea Party, began gaining ground and gaining a foothold in opposition.

“You’ve lost a number of more moderate Republicans who are probably more influenced by the high-skilled visa requirement, I think you have definitely lost some of that,” said Im on Sandweg, former Acting President of the Immigration Customs Department. A performance by Barack Obama, citing Senators John von McCain and Jeff Flake.

Wang said he doubted the reforms would be successful “at this stage of policy development”, but he hoped that a strong economic recovery as the epidemic weakened would make it easier to return to the issue in the future.

Florida’s attorney Sarah Blackwell, who has sued Walt Disney Co. over the use of H-1B visas, said she hopes any changes will include stricter requirements to ensure big businesses do not abuse the system to bring in cheap labor. : Abroad Because H-1B visas require an employee to have an employer to sponsor them, he argues that they make it difficult for foreign nationals to change jobs, putting pressure on their wages and hurting American workers in the same field.

“I think there needs to be more demand to make sure that American workers are not available, especially from Covid և people who are currently out of work,” he said.

The next steps will depend on whether the Senate will try to pass the immigration reform immediately, where the high visa requirement can be included in the package, or divided into separate bills, which must remain independent.

Asked if he supported more H-1B visas or green cards for skilled workers, the Senate majority was driven by Dick Durbin, who said it was only part of the horse trade that needed a bigger citizenship bill or other provisions.

“I will try to answer it tactfully. “If it brings votes to the final vote, it is a priority,” the Illinois Democrat said in an interview.

White House spokesman En Psaki said Biden’s aides had not yet had “extensive talks” with lawmakers about how his immigration proposal would be passed through Congress, but said the package could be changed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last month that she would discuss immigration changes piece by piece, while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on February 23 that he preferred a comprehensive approach of “doing as much as possible.”

And while some Republicans have avoided extending visas for skilled workers without a broader offer that invests more in law enforcement, a component that Biden did not address in his proposal, others say it is the best. to solve each piece separately.

“The problem with immigration is that everyone has their own piece,” they say. “I have to have it, or I can’t support it,” said Texas Sen. John Corney, of Texas, who is the Republican nominee for the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. “And then it rises և and finally collapses under its own weight.”


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