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A 104-year-old Romanian woman says the vaccine is “the only way” to end the epidemic

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BUCHAREST (AP) – A 104-year-old Romanian woman has received her second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, becoming the oldest person in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, to be fully vaccinated against the disease.

Born in 1916, Oea Baltag, accompanied by relatives who helped him enter the Bucharest Children’s Palace, on Sunday welcomed his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, the only way to fight the epidemic.

“The vaccine is the only way to get rid of this virus,” he said.

The epidemic forced the centenarian, whose granddaughter is a doctor, to be vaccinated, to stay physically away from her relatives for a year.

“I miss my grandson so much, I want to see him grow up. I could not be with my grandchildren because I have been isolated from them so far so that I do not risk becoming infected with the virus. “Everyone in the family is vaccinated, now we can spend the holidays together,” he said.

Baltag, who was born two years before the Spanish flu epidemic, was in a state of shock and did not show any side effects when he received his first Pfizer shot.

To the question whether you would like to send a message to other Romanians, Baltag answered. “It’s time to get vaccinated, this is the only way.”

Local authorities handed him a plaque commemorating the vaccine.

Like many European countries, Romania is now battling a third wave of the virus. The country hit a record number of patients being treated in intensive care units on Sunday.

Romania, a country of more than 19 million people, has administered more than 2.8 million doses of the vaccine and has seen 23,114 deaths from the virus.


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