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7 Wonders We Learned in 2020

In what year? Yes, it was awful, awful, no one felt good about it, but on the other hand, time is a human invention, and pointless.

So, yes, happy new year! 😅:

But 2020 was not the year all bad Here at Smarter Living, this year we learned some great things that had nothing to do with the news. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your money. You have it! Do you want to stop procrastinating so much in 2021? Read more.

Here are the seven pieces of our favorite counsel, knowledge, and wisdom we took this year.

The trick to doing this right begins with understanding how the word “complainant” is often misused to describe a range of behaviors, some of which are more harmful or helpful than others. Defamation of these differences requires a vocabulary that varies between professionals, but there are approximately three categories. Ventilation, problem solving և drying, otherwise known as habitat. Knowing what you are doing and for what purpose will help you establish habits that will not only make complaining more strategic, but will also help you improve your emotional health and build stronger relationships with those around you. Read more >>

Well, to be a little clearer. Stop actively saving your money. Automate it so you don’t have to worry about it. This is what I mean by foolish savings.

Your salary should make pit stops before it hits your account, decreasing slightly at each stop. The priority of these stops ները The savings will vary depending on your current financial life, but the general idea is the same. Automate your savings so you never have to to think about saving something. Take yourself out of the equation completely. You can not miss (or spend) what has never been. At least self-control is a myth, so just don’t worry about it. Read more >>

Some people simply plug their phones into a charger (or throw it in a wireless charging pad) when there is electricity. Others are quick to keep their batteries in the 40 to 80 percent range, never allowing a full charge, believing that the battery will last longer.

After talking to IFixit’s battery researchers և experts, researching phone replacement trends և After analyzing some data from Wirecutter’s staff, we found that while micro-management of your phone’s battery might probably extend its life a little, in the long run it might not be worth it. : Read more >>

Psychologists Timothy Paykhill and Fushia Sirois have found that procrastination is not about avoiding work. it is about avoiding negative emotions. We procrastinate when a problem causes feelings such as anxiety, confusion, or boredom. And although it makes us feel better today, we feel worse tomorrow և falling behind.

This means that if you want to procrastinate more, you do not need to increase your work ethic or improve your time management. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. Read more >>

According to Cheryl Streid, author, former “Dear Sugars” host and columnist. Develop a sense of optimism. Remember to be grateful. Be happy for others when good things happen to them. Stop complaining about people, jobs, or situations that make you feel sorry for yourself; find a way to change or end it. Take a walk every day. Kindness is action. It is kind, honest, attentive, respectful and generous. It keeps love in your heart. Read more >>

Excitement makes it difficult to sleep. “Smartphones and laptops are just so exciting,” a sleep specialist told us. “So many people fall asleep easier after reading a book than after messing up the internet. Do more relaxing activities for an hour or two before you go to bed. ” Books, audiobooks, just listening to music or even meditating are all perfect, though make sure you don’t mess with your phone too much.

Likewise, you should avoid exercise, large meals, bright lights, especially blue light sources such as screens, one or two hours before bedtime. Blue light not only suppresses melatonin, which makes it difficult to sleep, but also reduces the quality of sleep you get at night. Read more >>

It just means that you can recognize your own emotions, how they work. Are you worried about being in a high environment? You get angry when people talk about you. If you know these things about yourself, then you are dealing with self-awareness. This may be more difficult than it sounds, but for this step you just need to be aware of yourself. Read more >>

What have you learned this year to help you in 2021? Tell me on Twitter @timherrera:,

Thank you և Happy New Year!

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