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6N. The Scots are heading to Ireland again to stay out of the title race

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EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) – Scotland fell to a mottled Irish side 27-24 in empty Murrayfield on Sunday, leaving Wales and France for the six-nation title.

The Scots needed to beat the Irish for the first time in four years to stay in the title hunt, but they could not live with the power of the Irish, exacerbated by too many mistakes. Scotland left too much to overcome, although four hours later they fell from 24 hours to 24-24.

But Ireland resumed the game with a deep start, ոտ Scottish chess player Ali Price was charged with a substitute lock by Ryan Baird, who also covered it for a penalty. Captain Atanat Sexton scored a 39-meter shot from the left touch line և brilliantly passed it to another winner.

Sexton made the difference again as Ireland made two attempts against three, but the captain nailed six of his seven goals, the seventh with a goal post.

The victory was Ireland’s 18th in 22 games against Scotland in the Six Nations era, allowing them to reach the semi-finals after their worst start since 1998.

Scotland, with its impressive improvement, will avoid a continuing lack of intelligence. The Scots lost both games after a historic victory over Twickenham in the opening weekend against England. They will come to Italy և the postponed game against France, which can still decide the title. But everything will be debatable if Wales draws with France, at least for the next weekend in Paris, to claim the cup.

Scotland should have been dead in the first quarter as Ireland got off to a great start. It had three test options and only one was seized. James Ames Ryan stole the Scottish backhand, Stuart Hog deflected Sexton’s bomb, and then Sexton’s shot on goal saw Keith Earles bounce for the ball with Ghost և Chris Harris; But successor Robbie Henshaw chose easily.

At the end of the dominant quarter, when a brief, foggy shower dampened the already soft grass, Ireland took a lead of only 8-3.

It haunted them as Scotland made an opportunistic attempt, starting with the Spirit and ending with Finn Russell, who made his first attempt since the 2019 Rugby World Cup 10-8.

But Scotland’s mistakes got to them, և Sexton scored a penalty kick for a 14-10 score in the half.

The chaotic nature of the game preferred Scotland, who could not win at home and were subjected to violence in the front. Ireland just needed to stay strong, keep up the pressure, watch Scotland fold. It seemed to come at a time when Ireland had a better start to the half.

Flanker Tadhg Beirne stepped in next to the record, and referee Romen Poit put his head into practice to confirm the experience. Sexton was repaired and added a fourth penalty after a nine-stage accumulation to a 24-10 advantage.

The defenders of the Scottish team, however, were dangerous. Hav Jones, who was on the field for three minutes, hit the weak supports and scored a goal. The ghost was converted and taken to the runway as Russell came out of a head injury.

A few Irish mistakes gave the Scots space, they besieged a trillion. After 14 rounds of defeat, Scotland broke Ireland’s grandstand when chess player Hamish Watson bypassed Sexton, Ian Henderson and Andrew Porter for rebounds. Hog scored 24-24, but the return was killed by one last mistake և Sexton’s expertise.


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