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5 Home Transformation Trends to See in 2021

After spending more than a year at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many homeowners are looking for ways to adapt their homes to new realities. Open floor plans are out; There are special areas for distance learning and training. Yards are transformed into amusement parks և walls are painted. At the same time, increased demand and security concerns may make the transformation process much longer than before.

Here are five trends to look out for in this 2021 home remodeling season.


In early 2020, “the most sought-after design idea was open space,” said Jim Imi Dolman, director of Dollman Construction in Roanoke, Virginia. “But now we are facing another set of design challenges as everyone’s living conditions have changed.”

Dolman points out that remote employees և learners need privacy ռ silence. “A year ago, it was rare for a family member to work from home,” he says. “Now (parents) և children have a hard time getting the job done because of the open design noise.”

This year, expect homeowners to spend less time demolishing walls to open up common areas, and more time turning storage rooms or corners into separate areas. This could mean adding a home office or home theater, or turning a corner into a distance learning area.


“Homeowners do not add square footage to their home offices,” said Doug King, a Florida-based construction project at King St. Petersburg, a company that is transforming the industry. “Instead, they take out the rarely used cabinets, like in the hallway, and move the interior walls to create space.”

The trend of internal affairs will not disappear soon, he says.

“Even when the epidemic is over,” says King, “there will still be many people who will still work from home.” He notes that because of this trend, the use of home technology is also increasing as households install items such as Ethernet cables for computer networks ցանց Bluetooth speakers.


Outdoor living space can be treated for that collaborative feeling.

King says. “People want their yards to become their oasis.” In his area, he says, swimming pools are the number one thing to add to yards. Outdoor kitchens և fire pits are the next most common.

Homeowners spend more time at home, perhaps even looking for remodeling projects that bring in beautiful outdoor views, such as installing larger windows or glass doors that provide more natural light.


In addition to changing design trends, homeowners can expect the industry to continue to slow down. In some cases, security issues have changed as contractors and employees approach projects. For example, Dolman stopped all work on busy settlements to avoid COVID-19 “to protect homeowners and our staff,” he said.

Obtaining permits can also take much longer than usual as demand increases, and permit recipients adapt to new working conditions.


For homeowners looking for affordable ways to make their rooms more welcoming this year, adding colorful fresh paint will probably be on their list.

The sign that bold colors and color combinations can do good. They stood out among the 2021 Color of the Year award winners announced by Sherwin Williams, Pantone և Benjamin Moore. Sherwin Williams chose Urbane Bronze (dark brown-gray), for example. Benjamin Moore chose “Aegean Apricot” (blue-green); Pantone has chosen a color duo – Ultimate Gray և Illuminating (gray tone next to bright yellow).

For homeowners, such bright colors can be an attractive low-cost way to add depth, excitement, and personality to a room without overpowering it.


This article originally appeared on the personal financial site NerdWallet. Carol Alexander. Alexander is an NerdWallet contributor. Email NerdWallet to USexpansion@nerdwallet.com


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