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5 employees claim that Dick’s Drive-In violates COVID-19 այլ other health requirements

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Five Dick’s Drive-In employees have filed a formal complaint with the Washington Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) alleging that work conditions at two branches of the Seattle Hamburger Network violate COVID-19. action guides այլ Other health requirements.

The range of health and safety hazards that workers claim they regularly encounter on Dixie Broadway վայր Lower Queen Anne

  • Both customers and on-site staff do not wear masks, with little management or security policy in place.
  • Requiring frequent hand washing by management պահանջ Insufficient time allowed for that.
  • Disinfection schedule by the management on a regular basis, with the cleaning carried out “in the solution of rags sitting in the linen, water, which is rarely replaced”;
  • Insufficient space to allow social distance at work;
  • burns from heaters or melting of inadequate gloves. Because of the latter, one employee went to the ambulance “several times”.
  • the effect of mold on work areas that do not receive regular deep cleaning;
  • ազատ free ում (or) slippery floors in the kitchen ել record the areas that cause workers to slip և fall.

According to complaints lodged with L&I, All employees say they have never received any horse training on the signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19-causing coronavirus. One of the employees claims that they were “instructed not to kidnap masked customers … but rather to serve customers to avoid prolonged contact.” One says they pressured others աշխատանքի to work despite waiting for coronavirus test results. A Broadway employee reported: according to the complaint“There are mold or mildew in many places in the restaurant, including the ice rink, the fridge and the sinking holes for ice cream scoops.” The other says. “The electric stove is often placed in the middle of a pond” in which they have to stand to work in the log.

Dick’s Drive-In chairman Asmin Donova has not yet responded to a request for comment. The company started in 1954 and now has seven locations, the eighth of which is located in Bell. Announcing Dick’s upcoming Bellevue branch last month, Donova welcomed the company’s practice of providing paid health insurance, offering scholarships to employees, and said Dick’s priority was to “give people more opportunities, especially in these difficult times.”

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