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Բարանչիկ. Oklahoma women’s rings have championship potential

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) – New Oklahoma women’s basketball coach Enni Baranchik believes the plan is close to returning to elite status soon.

Drake’s former coach was inspiring when he played in a group at the Lloyd Noble Center on Tuesday that included many of last season’s players who ended up strong for now-retired coach Sherry Koal. The team struggled early, but won qualifiers against Iowa, West Virginia and Texas in February to finish 12-12.

Baranchik believes that among the “existing culture” of talent, they may soon be one of the best. History shows that it is possible to do that. Oklahoma reached the final four three times under Coale.

“The ability to fill this position, the ability to compete for the championship is absolutely what attracted me here, it is absolutely what we want to do here,” said Baranchik.

His confidence is based on what he has seen from Oklahoma’s dominant programs, such as men և women’s gymnastics, softball գնդ football. She believes that the commitment that the school gives to these programs exists for women’s basketball as well.

“When you talk about wanting to compete in a conference championship, a national championship, you can’t just throw it in as long as there are people who do it. There are a lot of programs in Oklahoma that do it very consistently. the basis, “he said.

Baranczyk is the Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year, who holds the record for nine seasons at Drake and led the Bulldogs to the NCAA Tournament in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 25 in the 2016-17 և 2018-19 seasons.

Baylor stands in the way of Oklahoma’s possible return to greatness. The Lady Bears have won 11 Big 12 titles in a row in the regular season. Baranchik said the case is more than just overthrowing Baylor.

“I’m not going to look for Baylor to play, I’m going to look for the big 12,” he said. “There are a lot of great teams in the Big 12, so you want to compete every day. We are not going to surround one opponent with our schedule. We want everyone to be able to surround us with their schedule. ”

Oklahoma was one of the winning teams at the time. Koal was the Big 12 four-year coach who soon led the Sonners to six regular-season league titles and four Big 12 titles. To bring Oklahoma back to that level, Baranchik wants to move beyond the local strong talent center and then expand his capabilities. He recruited the national team in Drake և expects that now more doors will open when he is working soon.

“Playing in the Big 12 is another level,” he said. “So yes, we will be able to access, we will be able to recruit at a higher level because we are in Oklahoma. But in terms of starting a home, we will start from there. ”


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